Yes Solution

'If you offer yourself to answer is usually:' Yes, that was what won. I have this no longer! " And if you ask: 'Now what will you do?', There is a chance to hear: 'You buy me a new? " – And to hope that the tears cease. Much the same happens with the employees. If you direct his attention to the independent solution of problems relating to their duties, they will find a solution and indeed would have to follow precedent Negative Try to analyze your business day. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Phil Vasan has to say. So many problems that you bring your staff, you decide? Want to draw attention to the substantial difference in the understanding of certain terms.

The phrase 'work for post 'for the head usually means' in a timely manner to cope with the difficulties in obtaining the expected results from the employee, without requiring the intervention of the head. " For an employee does this sometimes means make intelligent and anxious face, bringing all the problems head, and sagely discuss how it is now difficult, and as before it was easy. It would seem that something terrible? Well, do not understand people, well met the difficulty with anyone happens. Yes, it seems at first glance. Right at this moment and in a single case, it creates the impression of 'normal working situation. " But what have we got in reality? Allowing employees to do so, ie bear the problem of the manager or ask for a solution for managers, we create the following negative aspects in the organization: – precedent for further such conduct; – 'way of working' in the company.

Staff Premises

The fact that suitable options are rare, there are long and unpredictable duration of their selection. Add to your understanding with Oracle. Ideally, you took the room at the same time release of documents from the registration and opening a checking account and they coincided with the start of your activity. Perhaps check out cloud computing for more information. When choosing a place to rent to clearly define what you need (this is necessary, and will not work) space and where. Decide how much you are willing to pay the rent. Then start the search. Do not go beyond the criteria of selection.

All three components must match (what, where, how). You will not want the room to not go to clients or which will not conform to the image of your company. You will not accept the premises without the appropriate due to technological capabilities. And, of course, you can not pay more for it than you have money. The premises must be take only when you are completely sure that it fits you. Do not try to convince myself that it is, in general, anything that the machine is still fit, customers will find, the staff somehow , etc. If you do not fit, do not fits.

No options. Removals detrimental impact on business. To get started in the wrong place you can just not evolve. Even if it will get, then move to transfer the phone that is not always possible to notify all customers that require time to change the coordinates of all sources of information and not repeat past mistakes.

The Organization

This rule has not always led me out of difficult situations, as you begin to intelligently plan and control finances. Give up the idea of spending money from reserves. Instead, earn more money emergencies. (The money is usually faster to make than to get out of the old secret places. Never take money in the debt to pay bills.

It is much safer to simply make money.) Put the money somewhere where to get them quickly is not possible. After all, if they are at hand, there is often climb up and think that necessarily will report later, but then never comes. Financial planning and control of – the work of one man and is often contrary to the requirements of the group. Should always be one person who gives his final word.

Treasurer exists in the organization not to buy their popularity at the expense of funds, and to implement good financial planning. (Volume 3 str.476-477) If you follow these uncomplicated rules, the creditworthiness of the organization will be very high. Especially in a crisis, when Many companies reduced income, and they are already accustomed to negligent attitude to money. Accountants need to rigidly constructed that they understood that their task is not only to “shift notes”, but also correctly manage finances. After all, if good works as an accountant, a manager can easily run the company. Especially now, in times of crisis, the organization must establish strict financial controls, and start saving in reserves. Hubbard gives a stable given that the organization will spend exactly the money she earns, so the manager must always and show the form of spending money that he would defer to the reserves and say, that they have already spent, and only in this case, the organization will start to work and make more money.

Working Day

Everything is as it should be. And so begins the working day. Our boss said Secretary that need to call back and then back and then do something else and that's it. A few seconds later secretary starts to ask questions. Chief of them is responsible.

Even after some time the Secretary gives more questions Head is responsible and example shows how to do it. He picks it up, he calls, he agrees He appoints a meeting, goes to her and enters into a contract It's, like, normal. But! Let us consider again the definition of the word "manage": "Supervise, direct the activities of someone of something." Is it really? Sent? – Yes, in principle, has sent but only sent is not someone else's work, namely your own! And even more interesting is to observe, if you understand that the ordinary everyday middle-manager add up exactly from the direction of their actions, and staff with his head, slavishly say they have great respect for him, admire him and are trying to understand that the money issued to them as salary they receive is not in vain. The cursor will move their mouse from deuce hesitated to eight as incorrectly assembled solitaire at a certain time – this is very bad omen After a while our supervisor understands that is not run by employees, and themselves. Well or as a clue or something, that something goes wrong. Coffee is certainly tasty, but its once-a drink that is hammered daily corrections and adjustments, and that someone is still in it cultivates this set of vanity, because no matter what shirt he wore, then it will just be "super" and " so that as much force there Vigilance is dulled, and Shirt is very important at a time.

Legal Addresses

Currently firm should be registered at their location. At the time of registration, you may not know where you reside. Since you can not enter into a long term lease (and not with whom). K the question of obtaining legal address must be treated very seriously. To get started, and at the time of registration of a company can obtain a letter of guarantee to the organization for which you are going to rent space to the conclusion of the lease, which will be given its legal address. You can negotiate with someone of your friends who owns a residential premises, and register with them. As an option (for registration firms and for the first time prior to the firm), to conclude an agreement on the post and secretarial services. The cost depends on the volume of services.

Addresses with secretarial services more expensive, but better. If someone will accept and send you mail that comes addressed to your organization and meet on the telephone number to sign up, you eliminate the problem of legal address. Addresses are usually serial, firms in these recorded a lot, but you will take advantage of these services temporarily, pending the conclusion of the lease, and the same if you register the normal legal business, and will not hide from the tax office, with you always can be contacted. When the opportunity arises, better re-register a company at the address of the permanent location. By law you are obliged to do so. And the law is better not to break, a more expensive arise. And yet, when you change registered address you will need to amend the Articles of Association, which, as you know, the extra cost. So, that would not bear the extra costs, it is best after a decision to establish direct organizations to address the issue search the premises for business.