Working Day

Everything is as it should be. And so begins the working day. Our boss said Secretary that need to call back and then back and then do something else and that's it. A few seconds later secretary starts to ask questions. Chief of them is responsible.

Even after some time the Secretary gives more questions Head is responsible and example shows how to do it. He picks it up, he calls, he agrees He appoints a meeting, goes to her and enters into a contract It's, like, normal. But! Let us consider again the definition of the word "manage": "Supervise, direct the activities of someone of something." Is it really? Sent? – Yes, in principle, has sent but only sent is not someone else's work, namely your own! And even more interesting is to observe, if you understand that the ordinary everyday middle-manager add up exactly from the direction of their actions, and staff with his head, slavishly say they have great respect for him, admire him and are trying to understand that the money issued to them as salary they receive is not in vain. The cursor will move their mouse from deuce hesitated to eight as incorrectly assembled solitaire at a certain time – this is very bad omen After a while our supervisor understands that is not run by employees, and themselves. Well or as a clue or something, that something goes wrong. Coffee is certainly tasty, but its once-a drink that is hammered daily corrections and adjustments, and that someone is still in it cultivates this set of vanity, because no matter what shirt he wore, then it will just be "super" and " so that as much force there Vigilance is dulled, and Shirt is very important at a time.