The Logo

If the letter has a comparatively smaller complex shape (eg, 'K'), and increased – a simple ('O', 'J'), we obtain the cutting-eye imbalance similar to that described above in this chapter, the effect of 'big' and 'little' logos, when reduced letter becomes ill readable, and enlarged it seems too rough. 5. Abbreviation: Everything described seems too primitive, then we go from logos such as 'text' and 'sign' to combined. And the first step in this direction will help us make Way to the first letter or, in other words, the method abbreviations. Is this method is that as a sign that accompanies the text, appears play of the first letter of the organization or played with the first letter, if words in the title of a few. Surprisingly, this method is considered a leader in the number of marks they made. Beat the same first letters as possible to the above methods and others, only you One well-known. In this case we can ignore the restriction on the readability of the letters and to distort its most incredible way.

6. Associated sign As you probably already know without me, a sign that accompanies the text, may be arbitrary. The sign can be hung on the text or be part of it. He can dominate the composition, and may be less than the smallest letter of the text. The main thing only to have it in their appearance did not alienate the consumer, and vice versa possessed to themselves. In other words, the logo should trigger positive associations and / or cause negative. Associations posyaschena whole chapter, so there is talk about associations, we will not. 7. This has not been A Now came the turn of the way by which you created the logo will be unattainable role model. The customer for this logo immediately otstegnet you a very tidy sum of money favorite, and after the first the client will attract a second, third And the name of this method is simple – your boundless imagination.