Provocative Marketing

Frankly, when I saw the plan for the upcoming 16 MIAF provocation R & I, it seemed to me a very faint and too. Well, boys will be in red shirts, with dosochki and hand out flyers 'Boycott provocateurs!'. Well, to be omnipresent and are already familiar to R & I and have learned to capitalize the word 'nigger' black guys – in swirling ochochkah and also with dosochki 'We no zombiruem', and finally, the camera, creating excitement around the entrance to the hall 3 – Generally, the top creative! I, as the initiator of this campaign, it was somehow wrong … But, I confess, I do not know our audience and, apparently, forgot where I live. All nachlalos with the fact that children with signs and peacefully shagnuvshih the subway immediately raked police and released only on parole does not protrude beyond the door mall.

On the agency to respond promptly to an inscription on a leased auto 'R & I – a professional aggressor. " Adequately, to be sure. When I slightly pripozdavshi, entered the hall, boys in T-shirts were already half-dead and did not want to protest – were cooked, it turns out in the morning. And still have her, though, say they were hired for half an hour before entering the business. The point that they not only managed to attend to City Council about the fate of advertising a good portion of visitors, but also to scare employee of the festival. She turned the rustling 'at the top', and only calmed down when she presented a piece of paper with items approved provocation.

Plastic Panels

Group of Companies "counterpart" for many years engaged in manufacture and supply of building materials made of PVC exterior and interior decoration. This is primarily plastic panels (pvc panel, wall panels) plastic lining and various ancillary components to them – mounting profiles, corners, etc. We use the most advanced technology for processing PVC, imported (German) equipment and only high-quality raw material, which is mandatory for compliance with strict control of safety standards, as environmental and fire. In addition, our specialists will regularly monitor the quality of products. This, along with highly skilled personnel, to successfully compete in the complex and dynamic market of plastic panels. Wide range of colors of plastic panels, wall paneling, wall panels, window sills, coupled with impeccable quality profile formation can satisfy the most sophisticated demands of customers for products.

The companies of our group is oriented exclusively to the needs of its customers. We can not afford to deceive the expectations of our customers unsatisfactory quality PVC panels or bad service. On the contrary, we can guarantee professional service and individual attention to each customer. Plastic panels Group "counterparts" have been known for almost all regions of Russia. We are extremely interested in the further promotion of our products in Russia and CIS countries. We also offer you to become our partners in this business. We will consider any proposals from companies engaged in wholesale deliveries of PVC panels and other materials for finishing works.

Group companies 'counterparts' offers products for different conditions depending on the form of payment. High quality raw materials, highly skilled, imported equipment can compete successfully in the complex and dynamic market of plastic products. Stores we offer a wide range of different booths to showcase wall plastic panels, window sills, etc. If there is a need for a unique non-standard equipment – we will make it that equipment which will satisfy all your wishes and will suit your store. In addition, our specialists will be happy to consult sales personnel, answer all questions, provide catalogs products, photographs of interiors, made using the plastic panels of our company, and all manner of promotional materials.

In Search Of The Perfect Site

In pursuit of some ephemeral idealization, we often lose sight of the vital and real, that – that we really need. Good intentions … .. or why even the most experienced economists have damage? We have suffered from own biases and blunders! Our company is a leader in its market segment, well, in a small separate region. No need to explain that at this point in time, the Internet really can not do alone e-mail address. Every minimally self-respecting company / firm, simply must have a website that will position the business to customers and partners. Now even children and those have their own web resources! Our company, in the person of the owner and managers have long agreed on the creation and launch of its quite serious and fully informative Internet resource.

Decide it is good, but how it comes to implementation … .. The only thing with which we have determined – a professional design web-studio, which has undertaken to help us! At first, we have been unable to agree on basic common issues. Each of the teams and even expressed convincingly justified their opinion, which contradicted with the ideas and suggestions of other employees, and absolutely everyone at the same time considered himself a right! To begin to articulate the design, the overall policy and aesthetic design of the site. Entrust the staff web design studio independent so desired offspring, all of which depended the future of our company in the vast Internet network, to the final point of completion – we do not resolved. Everyone thought that only the company is able to express some subtleties and nuances specific to the design decision of registration, which was to more fully display the unique policy our record keeping and ability to cooperate as partners, and customers! For some reason, we focused directly on the details and minor detail, arguing: "little red and green striped or in krapochku" we need a website? Seemed important to directly style chromatic accents and nuances.