Provocative Marketing

Frankly, when I saw the plan for the upcoming 16 MIAF provocation R & I, it seemed to me a very faint and too. Well, boys will be in red shirts, with dosochki and hand out flyers 'Boycott provocateurs!'. Well, to be omnipresent and are already familiar to R & I and have learned to capitalize the word 'nigger' black guys – in swirling ochochkah and also with dosochki 'We no zombiruem', and finally, the camera, creating excitement around the entrance to the hall 3 – Generally, the top creative! I, as the initiator of this campaign, it was somehow wrong … But, I confess, I do not know our audience and, apparently, forgot where I live. All nachlalos with the fact that children with signs and peacefully shagnuvshih the subway immediately raked police and released only on parole does not protrude beyond the door mall.

On the agency to respond promptly to an inscription on a leased auto 'R & I – a professional aggressor. " Adequately, to be sure. When I slightly pripozdavshi, entered the hall, boys in T-shirts were already half-dead and did not want to protest – were cooked, it turns out in the morning. And still have her, though, say they were hired for half an hour before entering the business. The point that they not only managed to attend to City Council about the fate of advertising a good portion of visitors, but also to scare employee of the festival. She turned the rustling 'at the top', and only calmed down when she presented a piece of paper with items approved provocation.