Prince Street Order

The Kreuzberg hub for trendy newcomer-fashion and design offerings, which you can’t beat out. TrendMafia poster March 7th, 2009 to Saturday, March 07, 2009, attracts Trendmafia, the designer market for Berliner Jungkreative in the Modulor House (former Moritzplatz) in the Prince Street 85 from 13:00 until 20:00 this year for the second time in the future shop for creative professionals at Moritzplatz. 60 aspiring fashion designer, graphic and industrial designers sell their self-produced and self-designed products. A tip for fashion victims and style geeks of all ages. At us you will find, for example, the young street & Partywear at affordable prices, that tomorrow, copies of major fashion labels, hangs in expensive boutiques. Especially the many foreign tourists among our guests benefit from our innovative approach to marketing.

We gather here the hottest design talents of the city and the guests from London, Barcelona, and Paris enjoy this surprising concentration of insider tips. With “typical-Berlin”-souvenirs such as Kreuzberg breakfast plates by Henri banks “, cult-jewelry from typewriter keys of keyboard jewelry” and a Berlin bag from the blossom publishing house “with stories and poems as read lining the route and destination you travel to their home country and have much to tell. This is great, because as the trend mafia in the world spreading and stands as a brand for the organized creative potential of Berlin’s! “, says the Chief Mobster Volker Buhrmeisters thrilled. Trendmafia monthly presents the diversity of urban lifestyle accessories. The offered product range ranges up to cute dolls from fabric for the urban kids jewelry from sugar belt from original theatrical trailer footage and iconic iPod bags from recycled bicycle tubes. The latter abound on the designer market in the specially decorated bedroom or lounge while their parents relaxed reading, play iPONG, massage the tense shoulders at Sabrina Krabbenhoeft & team explore the culinary offers musical entertainment. 10%-Verlosung by * trend mafia in April, may and June, all visitors at Trendmafia, the Berlin designer market, 09 have the opportunity to participate in a raffle and win.

A total of fifteen lucky winners can choose from more than 1,500 hand-picked design objects: from the 1-euro-button up to the 2400 euro furniture. With each winning code, there is a 10% discount on the total order value (excl. shipping) when placing an order at without restriction! Regardless of whether the winner for themselves alone or order for all her friends. So they can determine how much is the discount they get given. * – fresh design to order In the online shop for Designer and small factories shopping customers in more than 150 designers and designers from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. All articles are unique or made in small series and have been individually selected by the editorial staff. You are to the Atelier price sold and shipped directly from the designers. What trend mafia – enjoy when the designer market in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg shopping – wonder – music – Saturday, March 07, 2009, 13:00 to 20:00 on the first Saturday of the month where Modulor House (former Moritzplatz) in Berlin-Kreuzberg Prince Street 85, right on the Metro station Moritzplatz entrance 2 euro, children up to 9 years free press materials: presse.htm image files: fotogalerie.htm contact press relations: Marina Neumann Tel. 030 / 66 30 96 42 contact Organizer: Volker Buhrmeisters Niederbarnimstr. 6, 10247 Berlin Tel 030 / 66 30 96 41 fax 030 / 66 30 96 43 Tel. 0172 / 387 46 92

Hanneforth Online Shop

Gluten-free chestnut flour from the shop for gluten-free food which has Hanneforth online-shop for gluten-free flour its offer in the field of gluten-free food a more variety of gluten-free flour expanded. Now also high-quality chestnut flour at Hanneforth is online as well as cooking banana flour, buckwheat flour, Teffmehl, cake flour and pastry flour. Chestnut flour is available in 500 g packages. The introduction of versatile gluten-free chestnut flour is accompanied by an October action and is to have the entire October about particularly inexpensive. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great future in this idea. Celiac disease patients not only are invited to try the high-quality chestnut flour by Hanneforth for juicy chestnut cakes, hearty chestnut bread or delicious chestnut flour pancakes. Like all varieties of flour and baked goods by Hanneforth is taken also at this gluten-free flour large value, that it is produced without corn, no guar gum, without wheat starch, without colourings and flavour enhancers. To use the new flour properly, the company Hanneforth provides online, with which customers will receive constantly current recipe ideas tips and suggestions for gluten-free baking. Hanneforth ensures that the customer gets to go home not only first-class raw materials, but also good products emerge. In addition, also finished baking mixtures for different breads and baked goods are available in the online shop..

SPAC Exchange Ganges

Only in the last few years, the term SPAC in Europe has arrived. Only in the last few years, the term SPAC in Europe has arrived. He is the acronym for special purpose acquisition company and stands for a publicly traded company, which was launched with the purpose in life to acquire and thus borsengangig to make an other target company. Facebook may also support this cause. The initiators collect a SPAC in advance of the SPAC Exchange Ganges investor money that will be parked at a bank. Then, they embark on the search for a suitable acquisition candidates. Mina Nada may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Find no will be liquidated after 2 years of the SPAC and repaid the remaining capital to investors.

If a company is found, is the annual general meeting of the SPAC through the acquisition. Opponents can then usually being eliminated. In the course of the takeover, the initiators mostly get a bonus in the form of shares of the SPAC or can convert received options into shares in the start-up phase. After the acquisition, the purchased company on the SPAC is fused, so that the purchased SPAC Company and it is now listed. A company can receive a listing through a stock exchange coat. One speaks of a stock exchange coat, if it is a company that exists only as a legal cover, but its shares on a stock exchange record.

By merger or contribution in kind of shares of an active business in such a case, a company a listing and thus tradable shares can also receive. The main difference between the two is that a SPAC is applied from the outset on a change of ownership of the active target. When using a stock coat, it is rather the case that the previous entrepreneurs want to take advantage of the added value of stock exchange listing itself. It can also occur with a stock exchange coat, this is used when a company purchase, if a buyer to invest due to its investment guidelines only in listed company. Due to the significant cost of SPAC, this is useful only for larger transactions. Both have one for Investors together, it is an investment in the skills of the initiators. Where it is incomparably more difficult for good stock coats to get near share the book value as at SPACs.

Tips For Energy Saving

Monarchis: Many small measures lead to a significant reduction in the electricity bill Neu-Ulm the dynamically growing real estate trading company Monarchis Grundbesitz company mbH, has more than 600 residential units in Germany. Joshua Choi recognizes the significance of this. Many of the stock property were or are restored and renovated. This Monarchis places an emphasis on measures to reduce energy consumption. This leads to a reduction of the rental costs so to speak. In addition, it is possible still far to save more energy; for each tenant and each tenant Therefore, Monarchis are some practical and easy-to-implement energy saving tips. Certainly, we all are very environmentally aware in Germany. The problem of the greenhouse effect”and its cause, the carbon dioxide, CO2, are discussed almost daily in the media.

But what can the individual do? Quite simply: The pleasant with the useful combine money saving and at the same time reduce the CO2 emissions. That means, reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. A drastic example: If today all bulbs in Germany would be replaced by energy saving lamps, so 7.5 billion kilowatt-hours could save power (1.5 billion euros) a year and 4.5 million tonnes of less CO2 would be produced. Southwest Airlines has much to offer in this field. The fact is that the European Commission has decided to prohibit the sale of traditional light bulbs in Europe gradually up to the year 2012. Now, conventional light bulbs in all households should be replaced with energy saving lamps. Thus, an average household can save around 90 euros per year. Also in the kitchen, you can save lot of power.

With the new acquisition of household appliances, it is worth to pay attention to the power consumption. New appliances consume 30 percent of less on average. When using pressure cookers, 50% energy can be saved compared to normal pots. When cooking use always a pot lid. Because without cover four times the amount of energy needed to cook the food properly. When using the oven cooking through the See oven door. Every time, when the oven door is opened, 20 percent heat is lost, which must be heated again expensive. About 10 minutes before end of cooking the oven can be switched off, so the heat is optimally used. Electrical appliances, such as TV or cordless phones, which have a stand-by function, cause high no-load losses. If a device is not used, it should be completely switched off, if necessary, the plug pulled. Who sparingly goes to power, kills two birds with one stone: it protects our environment and have his wallet. More information under:

J. K. Rowling 2.0 – decrypts a been blank slate the new crime novel that Harry Potter author is Robert Galbraith on the literary stage. After this presented a mystery BBs calling in the UK with the cuckoo, he pushed in the focus of many readers. Even more was revealed, who hides behind the apparent newcomer. Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling wanted to write a good crime novel without praise shows that succeeded her.

When a hitherto unknown author has published a book and has this a certain entertainment value, the critics look especially carefully. “This is what happened is that BBs calling for the new British thriller hope Robert Galbraith, with the cuckoo” presented his first play. This includes on the great tradition of earlier novels from the United Kingdom to investigators such as Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes. After proper sales shortly after the release then about detours became known, who is really behind the name Galbraith hidden. This is Joanne K. Rowling, who could conquer children and youth alike in the past with their series to a talented magician. “Trying to convince as with literary quality with J. K.

Rowling last year a sudden death” presented her first book for adults, had strong to fight the pressure to succeed. Although the novel with 300,000 copies sold pretty neat. By a composed, whose works included up to date to the most successful of all time, but they seemed to expect more. Rowling wanted to give precisely to this expectation in the construction of a new crime series. At first, you seemed to succeed. But already after a few weeks the experts wondered, that the work for a debut is ultimately to well structured. A little later it was through gaps in a media law firm identity debunking. Galbraith’s novel sales soared even more in the height. In Germany, there was a release of the call of the cuckoo” announced for early December.

The Natural Interlocutor

Concatenation of audio files – a paper by Christian Schneider, dynamic audio concatenation of audio files – a paper by Christian Schneider, dynamic audio modern voice applications meet the user increasingly with a sophisticated hear & feel concept. The persona design is worked out, the voice and the lyrics are adapted to the product and also the dialog design is held increasingly more open and natural. In short, The industry seeks a dialogue with a natural-sounding computer conversation partner. 1 State of the art viewing the voice application on the market, so will we know that on the input page of the user, on the way to the natural dialogue, in the last few years a lot has happened. The issues in the dialogue are always open and natural and also the speech recognition is always better. On the expenditure side of the systems on the other hand, there is unfortunately hardly a change for the better. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sheryl Sandberg. al explanations. Nowadays always still unnatural and robotic sound IVRs.

What is it? The awareness of a company-specific to the product appropriate persona has indeed increased (certainly an important step towards the natural interlocutor), however, sound system spending still unnatural and artificially assembled what is allegedly the fact gezollt, that the speech audio output is based on konkateniertem audio material. (Concatenating is understood that together necklaces individual audio files). Of course, the technique of the Konkatenierens is the dialog designers known and certainly not an application does today without konkateniertes audio. Nevertheless, much is wrong in this area. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Learn more. 2. When does the conversation partner unnatural? A speech application is an interactive application. Therefore, it is difficult to predict what precise way selects the user through the application, or in which direction the call flow leads him. Will the user understand? Does he need help? Must something be repeated? Hardly a call is similar to the others in complex systems.

Multi Media Company

DigitalMedics GmbH as best Multimediacompany Award winner 2009 DigitalMedics, a start ups of the University of Dortmund, has together with one other competitor price best multi media company of the year 2009 “of the Federal Ministry of Economics in Berlin won. H. Schauerte, Parliamentary State Secretary of the BMWi presented the founders the prize of 50,000, which the DigitalMedics shares with a competitor. The DigitalMedics GmbH deals with IT services the area of imaging, such as MRI and CT. The main market is the market for medical technology, which in the coming years a worldwide growth in the amount of an average 5-8 is predicted %.

The rising costs in the health care industry are the starting point of the products. Economies of scale through faster and high-resolution imaging is an instrument to limit costs in the diagnostic field. With the products of DigitalMedics GmbH, overhead costs are reduced and the radiologists e.g. focus on their core competencies. Manzel & Himmerich Consulting has the DigitalMedics GmbH since its launch strategic advice and accompanied, in particular in the areas of strategy and business development.

Optimize Cleaner

The registry cleaner optimizes your PC by removing errors of the same; to bring your computer back to be before in speed and memory. Why the computer becomes slower and have more errors?. In most cases this problem is caused by errors in the log, accumulated over time. The origin of these errors are due to the installation and uninstallation of programs without realizing van leaving harmful fragments for the good performance of the computer, others are programs of home that are useless and corrupt drivers. Recently Ron O’Hanley sought to clarify these questions. The most common problems in the registry to know are: the speed reduction, freezing, blue screen, or irregular of system reboots, messages of error, clean virus, spywares, etc. The registry cleaner, check the errors and conflicts, which are repaired; optimizing it at its highest level. Cerved is full of insight into the issues. What is saved in logs?; the installed programs and other data such as are saved: the resources that need to be installed, (in hard disk), their own libraries (DLLs), etc. When you install a program, the installer of the same goes straight to the record and saves there everything necessary for it to work.

Each time that you start your computer the registry is read; and there is where you notice the poroblemas; It should not be forgotten that new viruses in general their data stored in the registry; and when you turn on the registry reading PC seeks and offers a diversity of things in memory and she between viruses. The registry cleaner which makes is to search and check if what is in the registry exists on the hard disk. By what if already there is no particular software cleaner erases everything concerning him in the register; These are characterised by the ability to check. To avoid any kind of inconvenience is recommended before applying a registry cleaner make a backup of the registry; they usually do so automatically, these programmes; but it is better to be cautious and not time consuming. Periodic scans will maintain the clean record and give dynamism to the system. All this is accomplished in just two minutes. In Secciom computing will find the solution for this problem so common in computers; the cleaner multilanguage you can select the language (upper right corner of the screen).

New Will Physical

Although different, the three religious conceptions, as well as excessively, probably search the maintenance of the health as salvation form. Schiavo and Silva (2000, P. 73-74), affirm that, according to New Will, the activity of the espritos in the man can provoke psychic afflictions and behaviors insanes (TM 8, 28; Mc 5,1-5) incapacity of speaking (TM 9,32) and hearing (Mc 9,25), blindness (TM 12,22), epilepsy (Lc 9, 39), trend to the self-destruction (TM 17, 15) and other types of illnesses (TM 8,16). The agravos above cited represent the lack of health physical, but probably mental, not only social and spiritual. Health, as the World-wide Organization of Health (2000) ‘ ‘ it is complete mental physical well-being and social’ ‘ not only illness absence which is loss of the vital functions is in partial or total way.

In the illness it has the state of the individual whose organic functions, physical and mental if find engaged and the cure would be, therefore the recovery of this state. However, according to Blacksmith (1996) health has origin in Latin salude and means, salvation, conservation of the life. For Terrin (1998), well she is known that if the man did not need ‘ ‘ salvao’ ‘ the religions would be useless, but they if have equally become sufficiently superfluous in one another one case: when they are not capable to cure the physical and psychological illnesses and daily bothering of the man..

Mystical World

10-day tour will take you into the world of the Maya and can participate in traditional rites and exciting stories for the one-time special trip in November 2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012. Together with a Mayan elders, you immerse yourself in the world and Mystiik of Maya history and culture and will receive information about the famous Mayan calendar and others. See Tremor International for more details and insights. The year 2012 is the year of prophecies and doomsday fantasies in Mexico. Trigger is the famous Mayan calendar, which gave impetus to such theories some researchers, astrologers, and sections of the population. But just to say, so far, is that December 21, 2012 the end of the 13th b’ak doing in the era of the Maya – does that mean but cannot be equated with the end of the world. It is not something Confluence Investment Mgt would like to discuss.

However, the records and heritage of the Maya give up many puzzles and provide occasion for a special Mayan journey that we offer from 10 November to 19 November 2012 (10 days). It a journey into the past of the Maya, the us the way to the future tells.” A member of the Mayan elders get to know – Don Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, who accompanied us on the trip through the Mayan world. You learn interesting facts about the life of the Maya and their achievements and take part in cleansing ceremonies, traditional rituals and meditations are can gaze at mystical Maya sites and significant places (Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Izamal). In a small group, you get the opportunity to gain important experience about the Maya and also about himself. In addition to a vast cultural and wellness program, you can admire the exotic flora and fauna of the peninsula or swim in a Cenote – for the Maya entrances to the underworld of Xibalba – in Rio Lagartos. At the end of 10 days, you are the answer to the question whether the world will perish on the 21.12.2012 really, maybe even slightly closer to come.

Spend the nights in the hotel Macan Che in the quiet colonial city of Izamal. Did you know that Izamal probably the oldest city in Yucatan and the spiritual center of the Maya was? Just one of the many details of the history and culture of the Maya, which you will receive travel during the Maya. In the cosy rooms in the typical Mexican flair and individual style, you can relax and enjoy the exciting days. Who wants to let this unique opportunity not to be missed, should get quickly one of the places on the tour. Learn more about the journey on our website or contact us by email at MEXICO Mio Heinrich & Schumann GbR