Hanneforth Online Shop

Gluten-free chestnut flour from the shop for gluten-free food which has Hanneforth online-shop for gluten-free flour its offer in the field of gluten-free food a more variety of gluten-free flour expanded. Now also high-quality chestnut flour at Hanneforth is online as well as cooking banana flour, buckwheat flour, Teffmehl, cake flour and pastry flour. Chestnut flour is available in 500 g packages. The introduction of versatile gluten-free chestnut flour is accompanied by an October action and is to have the entire October about particularly inexpensive. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great future in this idea. Celiac disease patients not only are invited to try the high-quality chestnut flour by Hanneforth for juicy chestnut cakes, hearty chestnut bread or delicious chestnut flour pancakes. Like all varieties of flour and baked goods by Hanneforth is taken also at this gluten-free flour large value, that it is produced without corn, no guar gum, without wheat starch, without colourings and flavour enhancers. To use the new flour properly, the company Hanneforth provides online, with which customers will receive constantly current recipe ideas tips and suggestions for gluten-free baking. Hanneforth ensures that the customer gets to go home not only first-class raw materials, but also good products emerge. In addition, also finished baking mixtures for different breads and baked goods are available in the online shop..