Legal Addresses

Currently firm should be registered at their location. At the time of registration, you may not know where you reside. Since you can not enter into a long term lease (and not with whom). K the question of obtaining legal address must be treated very seriously. To get started, and at the time of registration of a company can obtain a letter of guarantee to the organization for which you are going to rent space to the conclusion of the lease, which will be given its legal address. You can negotiate with someone of your friends who owns a residential premises, and register with them. As an option (for registration firms and for the first time prior to the firm), to conclude an agreement on the post and secretarial services. The cost depends on the volume of services.

Addresses with secretarial services more expensive, but better. If someone will accept and send you mail that comes addressed to your organization and meet on the telephone number to sign up, you eliminate the problem of legal address. Addresses are usually serial, firms in these recorded a lot, but you will take advantage of these services temporarily, pending the conclusion of the lease, and the same if you register the normal legal business, and will not hide from the tax office, with you always can be contacted. When the opportunity arises, better re-register a company at the address of the permanent location. By law you are obliged to do so. And the law is better not to break, a more expensive arise. And yet, when you change registered address you will need to amend the Articles of Association, which, as you know, the extra cost. So, that would not bear the extra costs, it is best after a decision to establish direct organizations to address the issue search the premises for business.