Director Payments

But most importantly, becoming parties to the financing, owners have the right to control the repair process at all stages. Right to use that not only can, but necessary. Arithmetic overhaul Consider a typical example – retrofitting system heating. As practice shows, it is often limited to the replacement of risers and patching holes in the basement. While the law provides for the installation of modern energy-efficient equipment. This means that you can (And should) require replacement of morally and technically outdated systems. As a result, residents will be able to significantly reduce the amount of payments for heating (of course, provided that the calculations for him will be conducted on the testimony of house heat meters). "Modernization of heating systems and installation of devices to control the heat consumption can reduce its consumption by an average of 30% during the heating season – says Konstantin , Director of Heat Automation Ltd.

Danfoss, a leading global manufacturer of energy efficient equipment for heating systems and heating buildings. – The same proportion is reduced and the size of payments for heating. Annual savings could be 3-4 thousand rubles. the apartment, and sometimes more. For many it is a considerable amount better spent on other needs: for example, on vacation or their children's education. " It should be noted that 30% – is not the limit. Thus, after upgrading the heating system a five-story house number 29 on Lenin Street in the city Belorezk monthly savings on payments to tenants for heating was approximately 35-45%.