Economic Development

In the medium term will continue the trend of advance wage growth compared with growth of the economy as a whole. During the period 2007-2010, the wage salaries in comparison with 2006 will increase by 1.9 times, while the nominal gdp – 1,7 times. Average monthly wages for 2007-2010 in nominal terms, will increase 1.94 times, from 10,728 rubles in 2006 to 20,815 rubles in 2010, and in real terms – to 1.47 times, respectively. In 2007-2010, provides for relatively rapid increase in the average retirement pension that will provide an increase in its size relative to the subsistence level. At the same time social pension to the end of 2009 to reach the subsistence minimum for pensioners will be maintained in future years at a specified level. The average social pension in relation to the subsistence minimum pensioner will be in 2007 – 79,6% in 2008 – 89,3%, in 2009 – 103.5% in 2010 – 101,3%.

In 2009, provided the basic part of a retirement pension from 1 April to 6.8% and from 1 October to 18,2% in 2010 – from April 1 to 6,5%. As a result, the average size of the retirement pension (Average) by 2010 compared with 2006 will increase by 1.84 times. In real terms the growth of the retirement pension for the years 2007-2010 will amount to 39,7%, but the gap between average wages and a retirement pension will not succeed. Expected to increase the subsistence level, the subsistence minimum had increased in 2006 to 13,1% in 2007, its growth could reach 9.4% in 2008 – 9,3% in 2009 – 8,7% in 2010 – 8,5%. Relatively high rate of growth of monetary incomes of citizens in the planning period will maintain the momentum to further reduce the number and proportion of the poor. In 2010, the second option specified number of $ 15 million or 10.7% of the total population, compared to 16% in 2006. The number of rural poor will be reduced from 8.3 million in 2006 to 6,2 million in 2010, or by 25,3%. At the same time, given the national priority project in support of motherhood and childhood, almost halve the poverty rate in large families.