A child's imagination begins to work, he begins to gradually dream, going to the third chapter of the story, you notice that your child is asleep. Let your child read aloud, Reading aloud develops your child's speech. He will try to pronounce correctly the words that he will found in books. As a parent, you can monitor how your child develops. When you choose to, you can make some necessary remarks to the child.

Even if your child is reading a book while you are cooking in the kitchen dinner (you may think this is not enough, but it is not), it is also useful, it will also have a positive impact on the child. Pronunciation of words, which the child had never seen, never before, is also very helpful. After so the child learns to perform tasks independently, will fill them with pride, thereby contributing to the development of self-esteem. During the formation of self-reading child it is very important to create additional conditions for his speech development, since his speech, the former only recently spoken, now acquired yet another form of existence – writing. This will help you a variety of publications containing various puzzles, word puzzles and games. At a young bibliophile inevitably arises mental picture read. Therefore, it is better to remember the details and more likely to read for pleasure. Pay attention to children's characteristics character or characters, for example, on items of clothing. The living should take precedence of the book in many rooms is dominated by television, the emphasis is not on the books, and on television.