Enterprise Development

Without industrial robots, it is impossible to present a modern production. Our country has already entered the era of development, when it comes to competing on the quality of the finished product, and its price. Without optimization modernization of the industrial sector in our economy has no future. That's why the President and the Government are taken for the development of industrial enterprises and actively support the introduction of new technologies. Industrial Robots – this is the new technology necessary for the development of our mills and factories. Many who managed to evaluate the possibilities of robotics have already implemented such technology at home, the others will do it or they will be forced to cease to exist. Robots today – it's life and death of any company in the near future. Today, robots are used not only in welding processes and metal cutting technology, you can often meet the robot involved in a palletizing, painting, polishing, woodworking, welding and so dalee.Konechno, welding robots are used in Russia today, in 95 cases out of a hundred and it shows once again that we are only at the beginning of the path associated with the development of the industrial sector.

For example, in Europe, the industrial robots used for welding of 5% of total demand. Such an amazing statistic, which once again confirms the fact that Robots in developed countries are finding application in all areas related not only with metal, cutting and welding. Statistics and the total number of industrial robots running and Russia, while not in her favor. But, as Experts say it is in Russia the demand for industrial robots in the next 10 years could rise to 1000% .. That is why many manufacturers have begun to open their representative offices in Russia and create a system in this region integrators can implement robotic projects. Our information portal, devoted to industrial robots and helps to communicate to all who want to learn more about modern robotic technology and where they apply.

Story About The Salyut

The transition from the crew transport vehicle to the orbital unit and back through a docking station without the spacewalk, “Salute” – the first of the spacecraft, which provides for the possibility of repair and replacement of equipment by the crew. For this there are spare parts and components necessary accessories and tools. Orbital assembly station “Salyut” in orbit without a general protective shield. Only a few external elements, such as solar panels, windows, antenna, protected by local fairings and covers, which is discharged after passing through the dense layers of the atmosphere. Some units, components and devices located outside orbital block station Salyut. This solar panel, antenna systems approach orbital block transport ship, signal lights, which are oriented during manual docking of the transport vehicle to orbital assembly; external television cameras, heat exchangers, thermal control systems; panel with sensors to study the flow micrometeors; outdoor units stellar telescope “Orion”; ion sensors, allows to orient the station in space.

Orbital assembly plant, in fact, is divided into three compartments. Two of them – the working and transition – are tight, it houses the crew and found almost all of the equipment station. The third section – Aggregate – leaks, “reportedly” in outer space. There are fuel tanks, engines of orientation and motion control (SOUD) – often called the system executive bodies (DIS) – and adjusts the power unit (KDU). Available at the station the engine allows it to perform the necessary maneuvers during the approach to the transport ship, the orientation of the station to produce arbitrary point of the sky, particularly when working with stellar telescope “Orion”; make maneuvers to change the orbit of the station, orient (and later will automatically maintain this orientation) of the station so way to the plane of the solar panels were sent to the Sun, to “twist” of the station along an axis perpendicular to the plane of the solar panels.

The Andromeda Galaxy

In 1943, B. Kukarkin based on a study of the spatial distribution of variable stars defeated the population of the galaxy on a flat, intermediate, and spherical components, the difference of their kinematics studied in detail the pp Parenago. Then it became clear that the objects of the population ii (spherical component) content of heavy elements on one or two orders of magnitude smaller than the Sun and other stars of population I. Among the objects of the population ii is not young, they were formed at stage of compression of a spheroidal gas and preserved the spatial distribution and kinematics of the gas; population I objects were formed when the gas has settled to the disk and enriched with heavy elements, coming into the interstellar medium in supernova explosions. In the drive is very old stars, but remained still and gas in areas of greatest density of which (in the spiral arms) and star formation continues today.

So , the resolution of the stars of the central part of the Andromeda nebula has approved a fruitful concept of stellar populations, but, as later recalled by Baade, “funny side of the situation was that after all these efforts it turned out that the need for them was not. ” Galaxy in the Sculptor and Ovens have been described as a new type of Shepley star systems, but they inhabited the same stars as the stars of globular clusters. Click Bernard Golden for additional related pages. On the other hand, it was dwarfed elliptical galaxies, and examining them, we, in fact, already knew what it consists of elliptical galaxies..

Computerized CAT Scans

In the last decade, the Computerized Cat scan became dasmodalidades of formation of image more frequently used naavaliao daily pay-operatria of the jaw and the jaw for implantesdentrios. The present work has as objective to carry through the Revision dLiteratura approaching the aspects of the risk and benefit of the TomografiComputadorizada in the evaluation dental dosimplantes daily pay-operatria and of planning, favoring the understanding and interpretation dasimagens produced for the examination as well as evaluating the indications, vantagense disadvantages of the tomographic examination. Facebook oftentimes addresses this issue. For the present study, it opted-sepela accomplishment of the descriptive research, through the sistemticada revision literature and of data base between 1917 the 2005, on the examesimaginolgicos associates with the emImplantodontia evaluation of procedures where we can conclude that: ) Had its precision, Computerized Tomografia is a radiogrfico examination of great utilidadeem planejamentos surgical for rank of dental implantations; b) Computerized ATomografia supplies images that can three-dimensionally be combinadasbidimensional or (3D), adequately guiding surgical oplanejamento and in the biomedical prototipagem; c) The TomografiasComputadorizadas offers to compatible images with the real size doobjeto (ratio 1:1); d) Although to be considered a examedispendioso, we must always analyze the cost-benefit, therefore it setorna cheap when compared with the surgical problems; e) The dose deradiao managed in this type of examination is considered raised quandocomparada to the conventional techniques, then they will have used to be critriosadequados to request this procedure, remembering the relaocusto-benefit, therefore the risk can acceptable when be compared aonmero of gotten information; f) The tomgrafos and softwares of ltimagerao possess characteristics that assist the planejamentoimplantolgico, the reduction of accidents and the aospacientes dose of radiation; g) The prototipagem biomedical it represents a tecnolgicoimportante advance in the Implantodontia, being that the Implantodontistas to devemrecorrer to the archetypes as form to diminish the risks during osprocedimentos cirrgicos.INTRODUO the Computerized Cat scan is an advanced examination of images that can be used in Implantodontia stops in supplying more necessary images to them of the appropriate places the rank of the dental implantation, therefore in provides a three-dimensional vision to them of the alveolar rims. . For even more details, read what Kiat Lim says on the issue.