Compressibility Factor

Abstract: This article presents the interference of the value of compressibility factor ‘ ‘ Z’ ‘ in calculating the correction factor of volume of natural several gas through simulations to under different state equations end conditions of temperature and pressure. Words Keys: compressibility, factor, correction, natural gas. If you would like to know more about clayton morris, then click here. The objective of this work is to present of objective form, on the basis of real distributed natural gas chromatography in Sergipe, the results of simulations that had been made using as simulation tool the equation of state of Redlich-Kwong (RK) and method AGANX19 to calculate the compressibility factor ‘ ‘ Z’ ‘. The simulations had been carried through in different situations of temperature and of pressure, where the factor of correction of volume of the natural gas was calculated taking in account the pressure, temperature and the compressibility factor (PTZ) and also was calculated the gotten error when this factor in the correction of the volume of the gas is disdained, making this correction leading in account only the temperature and the pressure of the gas (PT).. In a question-answer forum Nelson Peltz was the first to reply.


Plastics are materials which are produced on the basis of natural and synthetic polymers and recyclable items in plastic deformation methods. To rank as polymers, natural and artificial resin. Resins produced from the products of coal, oil and other raw materials. Plastics are composed of: binders, fillers, plasticizers, dyes and other additives. Resin is the basis of plastics in addition they determine their basic qualities. In the production of polymers using fillers to make the plastic strength, hardness and other qualities. Fillers can be organic or inorganic.

Are organic wood flour, cotton fringes. As inorganic fillers used asbestos, graphite. Dyes perekrashyvayut plastic mass as well as to its basis in a specific color. Used as mineral pigments, and organic. The composition of plastics often contain additives which affect the characteristics of plastics, such as stabilizers – substances that prevent the decomposition of polypropylene in the course of its processing and under the influence of atmospheric conditions, high temperatures and other effects. Plastics are reasonably lower density compared with metals, so the strength of some plastics is approaching strength of the metal.

Tensile strength fiberglass is not much less than steel. Replacing metal with plastics reduces the weight and metal products. Plastics have a fairly high plasticity, because of this complexity of the production of complex parts on the basis of plastics is much less labor intensity of production of products from other materials. But the plastic qualities of plastics are shown not the same. Some of them during the solidification lose their flexibility, they can not be softened again by heating. Polyvinyl chloride vinyl plastic for example, you can soften again and apply again.

HDMI Computer Cable

The broad mass of users in the Home Entertaiment area uses more and more digital media. Therefore, it is inevitable become a digital solution for image and sound to be found. With analog-digital converter is often only an average quality can be achieved. This has changed the connection via HDMI. Thus, data in digital form are transferred in HDTV quality and on the various devices. The Cable: The maximum length of an HDMI cable is specified with about 20 meters. This line length error-free transmission of data is ensured. Find wide applications in the connection of the cable TVs, DVD recorders and receivers.

The data transfer depends on the cable from the latest generation HDMI cables to create a speed of up to 10.2 Gbit per second. Thus, this technique is ideal for the Brilliant picture display of HDTV. The Plug: The first sight one might think that this is an HDMI connector to USB cable. On closer inspection, however, one realizes that this leaner and thinner. With 4.5 cm by 13 cm are also more and faster data transfer than USB. Development: Since the end of 2003, is the connector on HDMI. Pioneer here was the first manufacturer of its DVD player allowed such access.

The latest version 1.3 is installed since mid-2006 to the current devices. There are other ways to HDMI offers. (Source: Tim Wang). Thus, this technique is far from exhausted. The future will be thanks to this fast connection to HDMI. It must however be seen as developing new techniques such as HDTV.