On Borkum pay guests with 144 euro 12 per cent more than in the previous month (July: 129 euros) and thirty percent more over the previous year (August 2012: 111 euros). An overnight stay on Sylt 232 euros on average, which is seven Percent by July 2013 (216 euros). The average price in Rostock is eight percent higher than in July (August 2013: 115 euro, July 2013: 106 euros). Price increases for the previous month are to list five percent each in Sassnitz and Heringsdorf on the Baltic Sea. Here are guests on average 88 euros (July: 84 euro) and 192 euros (July: 183 euro) calculated. European cities: hotel prices in Paris at year lows in the French capital city stay hotel guests August so cheap as since February 2011 not more: with 144 euro the average price in Paris is 18 percent below the previous month (175 euros). In London prices have fallen, an overnight stay costs here in average less than in July (216 euros) 188 euro and thus 13%. Rome hotel guests pay euro in the August 109 and that 13 percent of less compared to July (125 euros).

In Austria, the Salzburg Festival up hotel prices in August at the height: 167 euro mean a price increase of 27 percent compared to July (132 euros). You will find here more information, data, and graphics: hotel rates the hotel price index (tHPI) which makes Hotel Search the rates of European cities most commonly queried on trivago from. The average prices for standard double room are calculated. The monthly generated 20 million requests daily generated on the hotel price comparison are based according to hotel room rates. trivago stores the requests do what travelers for the following month in the previous month.

In this respect gives tHPI at the time of release rates of the respective month reflected. The tHPI represents the hotel prices on the online hotel market: the index is determined by the rates of over 160 online travel agents and hotel chains. On trivago with, travelers will find the ideal hotel for the best rate. More than 20 million travelers per month use the hotel price comparison and save 35 percent on average. The online service compares the hotel rates from over 160 Booking platforms for 600,000 hotels worldwide. In addition, trivago integrates 42 million hotel reviews and over 14 million photos. Using individual filters and search criteria, users will find the perfect hotel. trivago compares the prices of online travel agencies, but the rates and the user learns whether for example the breakfast included is. The trivago GmbH with its headquarters in Dusseldorf was founded in 2005 and operates now 39 international land platforms in 24 languages. This press release is copyrighted and free for publication only when naming the source trivago. To be included in the distribution list, please contact.