Banco Santander

It is also influencing a less favorable perception of the credit risk of customers, according to the Monetary Authority. What are the consequences of the above? First, spreads on the cost of commercial loans and riskier credits required award funds have increased. Also increased the requirements of guarantees, and it has decreased the amount of approved credit lines. Gary Kelly has compatible beliefs. The worrying aspect of the situation is that, the reduced availability of credit, can lead to problems in the chain of payments and that Yes would negatively affect economic activity. Recently Larry Ellison sought to clarify these questions. But problems are not only observed from the supply side. The demand side is also observed a weakening, in particular, the demand for credit from companies. This situation of economic slowdown, higher inflationary pressures and financial narrowness in the banking sector, a fact occurs if you like paradoxical by the leading companies in the Chilean stock market.

Is that the same, among which we will find Copec, Endesa, SQM, Falabella, Banco Santander, Empresas CMPC, Banco de Chile, Cencosud, CAP and Colbun, are carrying forward ambitious expansion plans, according to a note published reflects in the Chilean site strategy. In the case of Copec (IPSA:copec), it is investing US $650 million, in all the industries in which it operates (energy, fuels and forestry the latter through its controlled, Arauca-). Investments include the construction of a port. Endesa Chile (NYSE:EOC), for its part, plans to increase its installed capacity, with investments that are around US $1,500 million. With $300 million provided for, society Quimica and Minera de Chile S.A. (NYSE:SQM – signature of fertilizers)-seeks to boost worldwide through an Alliance. To duplicate its sales space, Grupo Falabella (IPSA:FALAB), plans to invest $900 million this year and figure as the next. With investments of $240 billion to 2009, Banco Santander Chile S.A.