Bethlehem Hospital

One of the first talks we receive freshmen Residentado doctor in 1985 was the one that gave us our beloved and remembered Dr. Jose Santos Lopez et Lopez who with his peculiar way of doing teaching will always be remembered in the history of the Faculty of Medicine of Trujillo! And in memory of all those who nourish us of his teachings, in those first talks told us once I’m going to give you some advice!…What Professor? Buy a proceedings book of 100 pages and hence write down all their operations, with the facts that want to remember of such operations I think I was the only one who bought! the book of proceedings so far so keep, where are listed all my caesarean section with all the anecdotes that everytime I read it me back to that past augusto, sacrificed and full of tensions and joys. It is therefore my memory of life, my CPU of my professional life. This book dates back to June 1985 likewise when inaugurated the Bolognesi(Era un Paritorio) maternity that was in the calle Bolognesi-fence at the Bethlehem Hospital-) I bought a second book of proceedings there are listed all the normal deliveries attended, with all its pain, with all the adrenaline of the beginner, with all the skill of the mature, with all the joy, with all the tension and with all the vicissitudes that resulted, this book dates back to March 1991, and registers first childbirth on 2 March 1991 to a 14 year old patient and it was a Eutocico delivery. Years later returned the same patient and I attended his third labor during the first year of the specialty makers of deliveries were residents of the 1st year and the internal medicine (there were no internal of Obstetrics), to my I had to rotate from January to June, 1985 in obstetrics, so the vast majority of births were attended by the undersignedWhen David who was my R2 – attended births, so that an approximate of childbirths attended by the undersigned in that period of time, together with the Parthians who attended in my guards interdaily from July to December 1985, coupled with eutocicos births attended as R2 and R3, then as a physician assistant in MINSA, Essalud, private, for 25 years, I should like to announce that I have attended around eight hundred births normal.