Buenos Aires Colonia

In 1980, founded the Colonia del Sacramento, by Portuguese Manuel Lobo, known currently as the Eastern Republic of Uruguay. For years, these lands were disputed by Portugal and Spain, the history of this magnificent colony is what seduces many tourists. Official site: Oracle. It was declared by UNESCO as historical heritage. The excellent preservation of the mansions are a postcard worthy of admiration. The best starting point for a sightseeing tour is the gate of the Citadel, it was inaugurated in 1745 and still you can see the remains of the Portuguese Fort. The convent of San Francisco Javier, is even more ancient, built in 1683; in other words, three years after founding the city.

Today, its ruins are preserved, but still you can see the Tower of the lighthouse that was added in 1857. The mother church, is another example of relic for its antiquity and beauty. In 1910, the bullring, opened its doors. This is allowed only eight official runs, because, according to their particular history, two years once they inaugurate it, been banned bullfighting activities. For tourists interested in walking the streets of the colony, you can visit several museums of great historical interest, such as the Portuguese Museum, the Spanish Museum and the tile museum, among others.

The Colonia del Sacramento, front is located at the city of Buenos Aires. Traverse the Rio de la Plata can and arrive in the Argentine capital in just 50 minutes. The city offers a number of cheap hotels, to accommodate thousands of tourists, who wish to know more about the charms of the Colonia del Sacramento.