We have the case in one province high Andean freedom in which a Commissioner remained almost for more than two decades as Commissioner ascending a simple Ensign to Commander in the same police station, becoming the province of no man’s land, having the highest crime rate than the rest of the provinces of the same region, here the rounds were organized and began to cope with crime, but are also persecuted by the justice system, because so they burn the cake to receive the patronage of the gangs. As well as not you liked the drop in clients of lawyers who no longer have many customers who gouge in complicity with judges and prosecutors. The last example we have on the morale of the police is a commander Benedicto Jimenez Baca, head of one of the units of the Peruvian political police, in union with others has been devoted to defraud, the same path has Mr Ketin Vidal that in a report of the weekly newspaper Patria on its heels is It has been verified that this Lord has deleted the background by drug trafficking one of the members of the family Sanchez Paredes which are now processor by laundering of assets from drug trafficking. But that is not very many years ago we had almost all the staff of the undergoing processes national police for drug trafficking, one of them is the case Villa Coca where the main involved together with the head of the gang was the director of police and other politicians of diverse benches. So if the community takes as its own in the appointment of Commissioners, this will be more court in their professional actions such as the rondas campesinas are now.