He did not ask permission to come to my house, he came in, bringing me changed my life for themselves redrew my plans, and the strange disease struck my soul. Faith in the future has left me and the ground beneath their feet became shaky. And how many now, I Again and again I say to myself: "Calm down everything will be like a dream. Fear not, there are bad times and good, it's not war, not an epidemic economy and nothing else. "But looking around, I see panic where it could not be on all rules, I heard the uncertainty in the speeches of people whose status in society is supposed to be confident and steadfast in all things. And I was terrified thinking-not only the economy, while the economy is Then I decided to look into his eyes, get the gist of his way to investigate. This is the first thing I saw – the fear, the fear of a ruthless and cynical society, of which we are all sacred and standards which comply.

When it comes to hand to someone a little weaker us. When the animals treated with disdain for the homeless, not wanting to admit the obvious – they are people! When closing the seal of his soul's indifference to the human disaster there. Faster and faster we overclock each other in e of the a giant machine. We are madly proud of her imaginary greatness, though they themselves are afraid to be at its bloody wheels. But alas, the crisis! The second is a lack of faith, yeah yeah disbelief. In a person has all he needs, all our emotions , Desires, feelings are very important, do not we come up with them and not for us to cancel. But there is something much more important, it is extremely necessary for life like water, like air.

This is the foundation of our position in life, support and guidance for motion, without faith we are not sick, we are already dead. But then we strongly bishop, replete and satisfied reject God, further choking bouts of selfishness are losing faith in each other, and then to themselves. Lack of faith in anything-cynicism in our time for fun. Nothing that place of faith is empty, the main thing that a lot of money and the terms of glamor. Well, suddenly becomes ill, take their money in hand and will not give or anyone, because without them, without denyushek not bring be. Only a thief behind them Now come, agile and everywhere in rubles and euros, and in gold, so that there is stocks or real estate – become cheaper. Crisis