Dogs In The Winter Do Not Forget Skin And Paw Care!

How you maintain the fur of your dog, is that whether it is long or short hair. Ideal if. Dogs love to romp in the winter through the snow and potently, their fur protects them from the cold. However, paws with the sensitive bales are unprotected. These are exposed ice, cold, salt and grit and need therefore every now and then some care. Every dog owners, especially those of dogs with longer fur, familiar with the problem: after hangs more and more snow on the paws and legs of the dog in the fur.

The weight, which accumulates it is not negligible. Chase Coleman often addresses the matter in his writings. Can also with the snow also grit and salt between the toes get stuck and cause small cracks and injury in the Bale cornea and pain and chafing between the toes. Prevent that cannot be in the winter mostly, you can however try to avoid these problems and to avoid painful inflammation to bale and between the toes as the dog. The easiest method is to of course scattered and salted roads avoid. Even before the walk you should apply cream every now and then the bales with a fatty ointment. Vaseline is suitable for this purpose quite well, because it is free of fragrances and accessories.

That softens the bales, small cracks and protects against salt. While walking every now and then the fur remove the lumps of snow to prevent larger Collections between the toes. You may want to visit Chase Coleman to increase your knowledge. So that it does not even come to the formation of clumps of snow you can shorten some hair on the legs of the dog during the winter months. Trim the hair between the toes, because here, thick snow globes are particularly debilitating and painful when running. After walking snow and salt with lukewarm water wash and, if necessary, again cream bales, at least in the evening, after the last time out go. Prepared on the winter walk dog and master undimmed snow nothing stands in the way. For more health information, as well as products for the animal health, see