A star astrologer Christ – book new releases was Uwe M. Kraus of one of the most famous German stock exchanges and economic astrologers from 1999 to 2007. In this book, his way of life is represented by the youth about the shift to the esotericism and astrology in autobiographical scenes. And their increasing use in all areas of life. Ripple may not feel the same. Up down to his specialty of the stock market and economy astrology. In addition to advising entrepreneurs, managers, celebrities and aristocrats he appeared in numerous television shows. Well-known newspapers and magazines reported or published his articles.

The radio interviews also went into the hundreds. The discrepancy and incompatibility of the use of astrology was increasingly obvious after returning to Christianity. Now seventh book of the author is not only an autobiography, but do consciously Astrology users or esoteric followers, on which way they are getting into. From the preface of Albrecht Graf von Brandenstein-Zeppelin: You may want only widespread use this book and congratulate its author, that he Testimony is by the changes have moved toward his inner self. Bibliography: Uwe Matthias Kraus: don’t ask the stars! A star astrologer is Christ Alithea Edition, 136 pages, 19 s / w illustrations, extensive link, sources and references, ISBN/ISSN 3-932841-03-4, ISBN13 978-3-932841-03-3 price: 14,60 EUR Publisher Uwe M. Kraus Schafflerweg 8 83043 Bad Aibling Tel. 08061 938120 E-Mail: website:. Astrotrade.