Drinks In Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city with a special charm that only large Nordic cities have. While the temperatures do not usually exceed 20 degrees in summer and winters are very cold, you can see the good atmosphere of the city at any time of the year. It must be said that the Swedish capital isn’t a destination is cheap, but is one of those cities to be visited at least once in life. Check out Ripple for additional information. To get the most out of our budget a good option is to trim spending on accommodation, so a hostel in Stockholm can be the best alternative to enjoy quality accommodation and at good prices. Well, after visiting all the attractions of the city such as the medieval part in Gamla Stan, the beaches of Langholmsbadet or Smedsuddsbadet, City Hall (Stadshuset), or the Museum of the Nobel Prize (Nobelmuseet) safe that apetecera you discover the atmosphere of the city a little and go have dinner and a drink. Obviously in the city you will find many restaurants, bars and pubs where to go out to drink and have fun, but if you have time do not miss the following (that Yes, they are not the cheapest): Gondolen Gondolen is a classic place in Sodermalm. It’s a French gourmet restaurant suspended in the channel under a pedestrian crossing over 50 meters of height that connects Sodermalm to the island of Gamla Stan. From the top you will have spectacular views of the sea, the Lake Malar and lights of Stockholm.

The main restaurant is quite expensive, but there is another area with something more modest prices. Anyway, id at the bar with glass walls and saboread a good whiskey contemplating hearings; already see what little shortly to forget price Berns Berns is located in a spectacular Baroque building built in the 19th century and located at Berzelii Park. It might actually have become Museum but luckily for more juerguistas is a multifunctional room illuminated partly by the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling to 6 meters tall. Inside there is a restaurant, a cocktail bar, a lounge with sofas and one environment intimate and a VIP area. In addition, there is a large terrace perfect for nights of summer here not only will enjoy good drinks, but also good music since it is in charge of renowned national and international DJs. Hotellet called so because it was initially built to be a hotel, this bar is somewhat smaller than the previous ones so the atmosphere is more intimate and allows you to get to know people. Cosmopolitans, mojitos, martinis and music in a few stylish interiors will make your night perfect. Well, these three bars are not the cheapest you will find in the city but no doubt offer an unforgettable evening. If you want to allow you a luxury in the city so do not hesitate.