Driver Assistance Systems Parking

Parking radars are mandatory position in the arsenal of accessories cars of those owners who care about the safety and comfort in driving. These ultrasonic sensors, installed in the bumper, simplify life for both novice and experienced drivers. Allow us not to leave the interior of the vehicle when parking and maneuvering in tight spaces, letting the distance to nearby obstacles. Radars warn pesky car damage arising as a result of miscalculation eye driver, and in some cases save lives. Therefore, the cost of these useful devices, which at any time serve as your security commensurate with the consequences that may arise. Continued development of the concept of parking radar system began with the driver when parking (parkassistsystem), which are arranged so that the information from sensors comes in standard on-board information system, reducing the risk of undetected critical situation. Until now, such systems were available only to owners of expensive complete cars. But URAL now offers a similar solution – to all motorists, regardless of class car! Parking radar brand URAL integrated into standard audio information system and can be connected to all modern Head Units URAL CDD-Evolution series with the function onboard computer.

Scope of supply includes four ultrasonic sensors and a system unit that extends the platform on-board computer CD/MP3-resivera. Distance to the obstacle displayed SD/MP3-resivera and functions through the head unit can be configured "on the taste" styles alerting signals and their associated distances. Another important factor can adjust the sensitivity ultrasonic sensors. Parking radar is activated automatically when reverse gear, the definition of the nearest obstacle just happens automatically. The main advantages of driver assistance systems for Parking URAL are substantially lower price compared to the separately supplied to the market sets parking sensors, and no need to install additional indicator in the car, descriptiveness which often leaves much to be desired. URAL always shows the exact distance in inches rather than "conventional strips. The sensor can capture an obstacle at a distance up to 2,5 m! Indication and management is carried out with the usual driver for the device – radio, analogous to setting the clock, or search for radio stations.

Parking radar URAL adapted to the trouble-free in the Russian climate conditions are not afraid of high humidity and high pollution of the environment of megacities. If you do not want the sensors are allocated to the general background color car, they can be coated with a thin layer of paint corresponding color. Parking radars are easy to install and operate. High build quality and components manufacturer warranty!