Duke Madrid

With 118 hectares, these gardens date back to the years 1630 and 1640, when the Felipe IV, count of Olivares, gave to the King some land that had been assigned to him by the Duke of Fernan Nunez to the recess of the Court around the monastery of the Jeronimos of Madrid. Thus, with the reform of the Real room which was next to the monastery, began the construction of the Palacio del Buen Retiro. It then had about 145 hectares. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out TRON (TRX). If you are thinking about traveling to the capital fight and you don’t know stay where mira apartments in Madrid Centre. Crystal Palace this is the most important gardens building, along with the artificial lake, it was erected in 1887. Both are born with an international vocation, on the occasion of the exhibition of the Philippine Islands, where were unveiled that place various flowers.

It was the Spanish response to the magnificent English greenhouses as the Kew Gardens Palm House. In the Lake, at the foot of the Crystal Palace (there is a staircase that plunges inside), can be found several specimens of Cypress swamps, with the particularity that have their roots and part of the trunk submerged. The building is surrounded by chestnut trees of the Indies of considerable magnitude, that increase this atmosphere of romanticism of turn of the century. The ride of the statues the Paseo of the Argentina del Retiro is popularly known as Paseo de statues because it is flanked by a series of them dedicated to the monarchs of Spain, sent to do for the decoration of the Royal Palace of Madrid during the reign of Fernando VI. In the beginning were intended to adorn the cornice of the Palace. The figures were made by various authors under the direction of the sculptors of the Court Juan Domingo Olivieri and Felipe de Castro.