EGA-Autohaus Jesse Again Awarded

“Ibbenburener multi brand dealer convinced the jury of”used car award 2010″with professional marketing in hard economic times there are fortunately still success reports: the Ibbenburener car dealership Jesse is the industry magazine used cars practice” has been awarded for its professional vehicle marketing. “Owner Carlo Jesse made it into the top 5 at the used car Awards 2010 we are overjoyed to have cut off below 200 applicants as well”, pleased owner Carlo Jesse, which already last year at the junior award 2009 “was awarded. He had prepared the generational change in the parental car dealership, worthy of all praise. As free multi-brand dealership we are particularly proud of the award, because only larger and brand-based operations were awarded with us”, Jesse explains since 2006, Member of the ECA (purchasing cooperative automobiles) is. The ECA offers permanent access to over 15 000 year – new and used cars of all brands of the Ibbenburener car dealership and helps in the Marketing. “Carlo Jesse: we could increase again our numbers while the used car trade in the industry average lost a quarter In the first quarter.” That lie primarily on the brand-independent advice. If you would like to know more then you should visit Verizon Communications.

We can offer cars for every need, whether small car, family car or sports car. “And because we give up a large exhibition, we can offer the customers attractive prices,” Jesse explains. The dealership now heavily relies on intermediary activities. This means that we have model cars in the exhibition, but look especially wish cars for customers. Of course, we take cars in payment and market them further on the ECA website. Thus overall shorter are the cars and lose less value”, Jesse explains. In the economic and financial crisis, it is often difficult to get necessary funding for important investments particularly for medium-sized companies. Through the purchasing cooperative we jointly purchase vehicles and spare parts.

This means lower costs and less have Capital requirements”, emphasizes Jesse. We must not invest in a major exhibition and can pass on the favourable terms.” Jesse saves the opportunity to concentrate on the work on the ground us so that is plenty of time.” And the recent price should have been the last in its over 40-year history. We want to keep improving, that offers more job security also our employees,”Jesse stressed.