But it exactly sees that let us find it this in nothing will help in understanding our origins, therefore the problem is based on a simple illogical logic, that if express in the concept of the nothing. To read more click here: Ripple. I ask again, what it is the nothing? Let us see the definition of the free Wikipdia encyclopedia of the Internet of paraphrased form: ‘ ‘ The Vacuum is the nothing? Of form some, in the vacuum does not contain substance, but it can contain electric, magnetic, gravitational fields, light, waves sonorous, etc. The empty space is the nothing? Missed, the empty space he is something, because in it the potential in relation to this exists. By the way, it is important that let us know that the proper emptiness, does not exist in the known Universe, who will say the nothing. But after all what it is the Nothing? In the nothing the space does not exist nor, some does not have thing and nor an empty place to fit something. The concept you are welcome includes also the inexistence of the laws fsicas’ ‘. brity trainer offers on the topic.. However, it does not need to be an academic pra to know that nobody will find a reply for this question, this is logically impossible, but it is not impossible by itself, therefore it involves unknown laws to the man, which it with its inclined knowledge cannot reach or rescue.

The condition instituted as elementary for the cosmic evolution is something that surpasses the concepts that today are established for this study. Reply in saying that something always existed, not to be that does not exist the individual if unfastens of its materialism it admits something that exceeds the known Universe, still more when we appeal the antrpico principle and the quantum physics. Although I recognize that the materialists are not few who admit the theory of parallel Universes. But exactly thus it would have problem in not only explaining the cause of the causes, what he minimizes yourself when we accept the assumption divine, for the cosmological argument, but also for other thousands of you evidence that they permeiam the social one, psychological and the natural one. Summarizing, exactly against taste for some, we have that to admit that the life is a miracle inside of a pparently hostile Universe it.

E not only the life as well as psique, the rational mind of the men, is in fact amazing if to think that the same one has appeared mere and randomly of the chaos inside of the central idea of that of the nothing, nothing drift. The logic finishes the reason finishes and the man if it is silent ahead of the nonsense of the existence. To accept the nonsense as Kierkegaard would say is optimum that we have to make excessively in the eminence of our fragile lives.