Essential Oils In Perfumery

The essential oils in perfumes perfume or in a different perfume – it's alcohol or spirtovodnye solutions of mixtures of odoriferous substances and extracts with a pleasant smell. The word perfume comes from the Latin word for Perfume, which means to smoke, vaporize, smoke. This is because the perfume is mainly used for flavoring, residential and public buildings by burning aromatic herb and resin in the special cups for hot coals. Official site: Cyrus zocdoc. The main group of raw materials used in perfumes are fragrances, these are the substances that have a pleasant smell, capable of transmitting it to other substances, if they mix. One of the most famous scented substances are essential oils. Essential oils are aromatic liquid that looks similar to vegetable fatty oils, but their chemical nature, not having anything to do with them, because essential oils are a mixture of different chemical substances belonging to different classes of organic compounds (hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, phenols, etc.).

The aroma of essential oils is due to oxygen compounds (alcohols, ketones, esters, etc.). Each essential oil has many components, among which one or more appear in large numbers, they are considered the main, cause the direction of smell and the value of essential oils. Essential oils are volatile, in the presence of vapors of sweet-smelling essential oil is the cause of a human sensation of smell. In water, essential oils are not soluble, it is used in technique to separate them distilling with steam, but they are readily soluble in organic solvents and in animal and vegetable fats. In most cases the oil is extracted from freshly collected plant parts, but sometimes pre-dried raw materials.

The quality of essential oils depends not only on the method of production, but also the conditions of their storage and transportation. Light, air and moisture are negatively on the quality of essential oils: they are rapidly oxidized osmolyayutsya, accompanied by changes in odor. To date, open a sufficiently large number of essential oils, but at the same time an even larger portion was not received. But do not worry, because with the development of society, science and technology not only improves product perfumes, but also committed a number of discoveries of new species. Who knows, maybe in the deep ocean water, grows in deep water plant having the perfect flavor and amazing olfactory qualities!