European Drivers

As you know, just passing the exams in the traffic police will have the right, a full-fledged driver you do not get. Only experience will feel on the road a full participant in the movement. Learn more at this site: Verizon Communications. With confidence I can say 2-year daily drive behind the wheel (winter is no exception) – this is the minimum period during which produces confident behavior behind the wheel. 1 About how does a novice letter "U" on the car window, you can argue. Many experienced drivers, in fact, to such machines are not trying to drive up close. But there are those who simply have not noticed, thought about his, and not to focus, etc. Therefore, if you still decided to stick this label on your car, still remember these points: At note! In many European countries, in order to rent a car, driving the minimum period should be 2 years.

Your confidence in the fact that a number of no one. This item can do a disservice if you ever decide that all drivers around the track of all your maneuvers. They say, "They see that I" have ". In fact, this designation does not give you any privileges, but only informs the other participants in the movement of your uncertainty behind the wheel (unless, of course, someone remembers how he started to ride and generally accept this designation seriously). Jokers". There are a number of would-be drivers who are as interesting to look at how to behave "Y" in, so to speak, under extreme conditions.