Fabric Tarpaulin Avtopokryvalo

Canvas fabric – an indispensable material that is used both in industry and in the army, and in the automotive business, and agriculture, and even in space. This broad application is possible thanks to a surprising qualities that she, canvas fabric, has. In English the word means "tarpaulin". It is logical to assume that the basis for impregnation, for example, resin may be different. Indeed, sheet can be made using linen, cotton and synthetics.

Synthetics do not always meet the highest requirements for strategic tissues, so its production is not too common. Impregnating compounds may also be different depending on the application. The most common canvas for impregnating fabrics – water-repellent, fire resistant, antiseptic and svetoustoychivaya. Due to the fact that most favorable material for the production of canvas fabric is linen, and perhaps because of centuries-old tradition of flax in everyday life in Russia, the most common mills, producing a sheet which are linen. For example we can mention Ltd. "The sheet-MSK", which is one of the largest manufacturers of canvas fabrics in Russia today. Why flax so easy to use and so often used? Due to its unique properties: – it is environmentally safe – waterproof to 330 mm of water – a high degree of durability and long-term use – at a low thermal conductivity level – resistance to low temperatures – the ability to maintain long-term color unchanged – high water vapor permeability (ventilated) – the ability to easily absorb water and release it – ability does not collect dust, so the minimum possibility of calling an allergic reaction – low flammability and minimal release of toxic substances during combustion – bacterial properties, which used to control the process of decay – the ability to reflect sunlight, UV-resistant – the ability to attenuate gamma radiation.

The sheet used in agriculture and the automotive industry, has several qualities that make it indispensable. First of all, the ability of tissue swelling when wet. Avtopokryvalo or tent when soaking water becomes stronger, not missing moisture. In addition, even when wet it well lets air and steam. Consequently, the possibility of their appearance under a canvas blanket is minimal. The army tarpaulin cloth is used to create tents, making military uniforms, and carrying cases for military equipment. In industry, the sheet is also used for the production of clothes and to build tents, blankets and so on. In agriculture, the canvas cloth used to create temporary shelters for the manufacture of bags, which contain cereals, seeds, and for tailoring a special working clothes. Motorists commonly used blankets, avtopokryvalo, boards and so on. The ability to keep the sheet inside temperature different from that outside, ensures the successful application of this fabric to create a tent. They can also be used by the military, and scientists and tourists.