Human Brody

Will still receive one – an operation to enforce peace, goodness and love! Human Brody, saying that “any attempts by the authorities to impose on society any ethical standards lead to restrict freedom of individuals “28. Theoretical justification of the state pravoobuslovlennogo violence spawned by light another legal chimera: that in the face of the state appears as the legitimate violence, then represented by an individual or group of people is not seen as another blatant act of savagery or barbarism. Therefore, when the executioner’s work carries the state – this is acknowledged by top democracy, but when a person with himself imposes the duty of vengeance arising from natural feeling, inherent in every healthy person, it is condemned as extreme fanaticism.

The reasons for this understanding are the basis of modern ideas about the nature crime and punishment mechanisms for its commission. Modern science considers crime as an act directed against the interests of society (public order). And if so, it concludes that public interest is intended to observe the state. Therefore, it is a sacred duty and bring the perpetrators to justice. The concept of same for vengeance, in contrast, is based on the capabilities of each victim protect themselves from crime, regarded them solely as a violation of personal interests. Without going into the various detached reflection on the public nature of the offense, but Gone idea of clarity and specificity, it should be fairly certain that the anti-social orientation of the offense gets only when it directly affects the interests of society as a whole.