Identification Work

It will go to pontuar that it has two entirely diverse divisions of the work: first, the social division of the understood work exists as complex system of all the different useful forms of work that are taken the handle, independently ones of the others, for private producers; second, it has the division of work and workers, each one of which executes a partial operation of a set of operations that are, all, executed simultaneously and whose resulted it is the social product of the collective work. (MARX, ‘ ‘ Capital’ ‘) Addend: Certain time, in a lecture given for the teacher of the Unicamp and PUC-Sp, Jean Marie Gagnebin, in Ouro Preto, the doctor affirms that one of the readings most important, that any thinker would have to make, would be, exactly, of Marx. GAGNEBIAN, if for some critics, was exaggerated in the communication and importance given to the workmanship, the least does not commit discourtesy none in the recommendation of the author, this, without a doubt, it is incisive tool as critical joint of the society as this, or, to use adorniano term, so that if it notices the meaconing of the masses. 3.1.1 A communication on ‘ ‘ The Capital’ ‘ We will make an analytical communication on the text of Marx, ‘ ‘ Wage, price and profit? , that ‘ meets in the collection; ‘ The Pensadores’ ‘. The accomplishment of the exposition of the arguments, for being analytical, considers as workmanship analysis, which is: Identification and classification of the elements; explicitao of the relations between such elements and recognition of the organization principles. Introduction. The analyzed text of Marx if divides of the following form: *Oferta and looks for; *Salrios and prices; *Valor and work; *Fora of Work; *A production of the more-value; *O value of the work; *As diverse parts where if it divides the more-value; *A general relation between wages, profits and prices; main *Casos of fight for the increase of wages or against its reduction; *A fight between the capital and work and its results; Notes.