In Search Of Happiness

The year 2009 was a year with many portals of power, the meaning of your kabalistico number said so (11), and so it was and so we notice it. Now this year 2010 is a year with new energies, the numerical kabala of the year 2010 is 3, which has a meaning of material and spiritual strength. It is a year to work our inner part, our being. Taking advantage of this year and the age of Aquarius we should advance in our spiritual path and become more aware to reach the happiness we seek in our existence, in our lives here in the physical. Quien soy? Where do I come from? and where do I go? If these are questions which one is made, is that we are on the spiritual path, is that we want to advance in this vertical line and the horizontal line that society and the egos we make from our birth exit. Some people when they have already done everything that should be done according to the life marked by society, these come in a State of existential crisis, as it is called the modern psychology, but in truth, it is a feeling of emptiness, lack of something more, it is the need to be in the vertical path, the road inland, towards the soul. Therefore if you feel these needs, we recommend that you follow this new path and if you don’t feel them also we recommend it you, because this is the reason of our existence, arriving to find the way to spiritual and so reach our goal, which is happiness. Sometimes we confuse the pleasure with happiness, but the pleasure if you are coming by vices, is temporary, such as drinking to forget. However, happiness, is the happiness of the soul, and this is infinite, then why not we seek this happiness? A strong hug. Francesc. original author and source of the article