Initiative From Dresden To The Rescue Of Saab: Rescue Saab

Huge Web community wants to save Saab during the global economic crisis, the decline of the traditional brand Saab is imminent. However, a club based in Dresden, “Rescue Saab e.V.” wants to mobilize an open-source community with viral marketing and the possibilities of Web 2.0 and save as the Saab brand. Shortly after the news of the bankruptcy of the company Saab launched the initiative “Rescue Saab” in life. The authorized Saab dealer Mobile Forum Dresden with the two managing directors of Mayenne and Hesse founded overnight. “We want the demise of our beloved vehicle brand idly: we love Saab – we save Saab!”, Hesse, Managing Director in the Mobile Forum Saab underlines Michael the crazy idea. With the friendly agencies and Saab drivers xport communications GmbH and m.a.p. GmbH was created in only 24 hours a professional website. Gradually incorporated Web 2.0 applications as well as language adaptations.

Press contact: m.a.p.. GmbH Thomas Fritsche Tel. 035204 270 381 mobile 0151-15 00 69 95 on this site is the community bundled and given her a voice. The media attention regarding Saab insolvency was used for the push website. Classic steps of marketing concepts such as market definition, target group analysis and clustering, budgeting, etc. had to stay outside. Speed was the mother of success. And which can be seen after only 3 days: over 7,000 way and 50,000 visits the site has achieved worldwide.

It is interesting that 360 Saab employees, 513 Saab clubs, 208 Saab dealers and over 4,000 Saab drivers are below. The most clicks come from Sweden, then Germany, then the United States. With this information, with the explanation of the basic idea and previous success in the Web of the Association “Rescue Saab e.V.”, today, Tuesday, approached Swedish members of Parliament, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for economy, Maud Olofsson. A character is to be used. An interested investor seeks to recognise the potential of the Saab community and their loyalty to the brand. Because say Saab drivers by themselves, not consumers, to be consumers or vehicle owner. Saab drivers, people talk of lovers, enthusiasts and individualists. Visionaries and creators. Prominent Saab drivers such as Stefan Raab, Bastian Pastewka, but Bill Gates, Stephen King, and Jay Leno are written to in order to support the action. “We make it with their commitment, their names and Saab will survive!”, Mayenne and Hesse will be optimistic.