Installation Procedure

Sound approach in the choice of whitening and Outreach attract into your clinic has many patients. The presence of bleaching services – a card of the modern dental clinic. Method 5. Dental treatment under general anesthesia in dental fear has led to a more One popular service – dental treatment under general anesthesia. Such treatment is absolutely painless for the patient and allow to cure all the teeth in one visit.

This is an ideal solution for people with neglected teeth, which panic fear the dentist. Come into the office, go to sleep and wake up with healthy teeth – a dream for these people. The cost of this service organization are high, as they require purchasing expensive equipment to monitor the patient: Monitors, Anesthesia breathing apparatus, pulse oximeter, automatic device for measuring pressure, etc. But in this case, the high price of the service does not stop the patient, so the demand for this service is traditionally high. Method 6. Tooth jewelry another modern dental service is to set rhinestones. Installation is usually offered rhinestones on gold, but may be set with diamonds. Installation Procedure jewelry is completely safe and takes less than 10 minutes.

This type of service is highly profitable, but highly dependent on fashion or another decoration. Method 7. Art restoration of teeth One of the most expensive Service is service, "art restoration" of the teeth. In this case, the physician must possess artistic abilities. Since there is need not only to give the tooth a perfect form, but also to achieve harmony dental some of the smile line.