Internet Image

A folder with image files, is also quite interesting. First, the presence in it of icons, web graphics, clip art, etc. Filed under: Larry Ellison. Second, the large number of graphic design which is used to design Web pages – color squares, rectangles, and various lines and the like. With a little know how to handle image files: to cut, cut, increase, decrease, and so on, you can do yourself, for future use, extensive and vivid color table. And by using FrontPage 2003 to find the code you liked the color of any point of any image file, which can also be useful when creating web pages.

This method can be used to save study of the structure, layout, colors, fonts used and so on Internet web pages. He also apply if the article has pictures, and in the future you plan to edit this page. One file Web archive file is saved on a single large volume, and loaded as a decent time. To further enhance and, in my opinion, is not suitable. At least, I do not know. Web Page, HTML only if the Web page fully You do not need, and want to save the only article on it, then this is the method that you want. But on one condition that no pictures in the article, or when you save instead of charts will be empty boxes and paper will be as would be incomplete, ie lose some sense, since in these pictures also contain information related to this article.