Italian Federation

Meets Marco Bardi. Italian School spearfishing single or many? There is a school of the Italian Federation and a private school in which a simple and expedited rates. Thus, a person can make a choice: go to school federation or private courses. In any case, the private school works with schools in the Federation. Certificates look different, but equally important.

This card underwater hunter, and the rights that give These certificates are the same. The only difference – identity federation allows you to participate in competitions. This certificate is mandatory for hunting? None. Usually do not take courses in order to obtain identity, but in order to better hunt. There is not much sense in the card. You were trained in a matter of well-known schools – Pelitsari or Kastineyro? Whether you're working now? I did not learn in these schools, because then they simply did not exist, I have to learn everything himself. But when it became Pelitsari school, I realized that it makes very valid points. When I continued my workout, then take into account the technology, which advised the school to perform Pelitsari. Now I ceased to take part