Juan Griego

That is chaos. The frames of the old paradigms of the cold war broke down and emerges the world by giving birth. We are in full delivery, even the events of today in the world occur at such speed, that I think that it would be difficult for any observer to place the pieces in a particular order and expect to remain there for a long time. It would have to change the order of the parts. He greeted the representatives of Africa and stressed that Angola is increasing its oil reserves. On the subject of Africa, it was considered that this also may be considered the motherland.

The President also stressed that this battle today has been strengthening since the times of Simon Bolivar. In Tucuman, Argentina, reminded that while in 1816 was declaring its independence, Juan Griego, Margarita Island, in Venezuela, Bolivar landed with a few boats, men and women almost all black and a few old weapons, Spears, a squad that came from the Haiti released by Blacks, recalled. According to President Hugo Chavez, the problems of inequality, poverty and environmental devastation have their origin in the nature of the capitalist system, which at the time was presented as a theory that was going to fix all the problems of the world. All that is a lie. It is necessary to resume the debate on the Socialist project, revise ideas and mistakes. It is not copied, but invent one really Socialist and humanist Chavez Frias stressed them to those present at the event that the island of Margarita was the first free territory of South America. He recalled, Fidel Castro spoke of premonition of Bolivar, because the liberator, in 1825, released in a letter and several documents the phrase: the United States from the North seem to be destined by Providence to plague America’s misery in the name of freedom, said the President.