Live In Castilla Y Leon

People living there where it sees opportunities for well-being, not where they send you, except in dictatorships, of course, that there is no option that is worth. Thus, the Government of Myanmar, the former Burma moved by the brave to 900,000 civil servants to the new capital, Naypyidaw, in the jungle. In China, to create the largest dam in the world, that of the three gorges, were forced to move to 1,900,000 people, time, and half the population of Aragon. With the exception of those cases and others just as brutal, people just migrate to improve their standard of living. Thus came the exodus from the countryside to the city in the Spain of the 50 years of the century past and Andalusia to Germany in the 1960s. Their reasons were the same that in recent years four million immigrants have come to our country. And to Castilla y Leon? Why will people come to Castilla y Leon? That is what is going to raise the autonomic Government of Juan Vicente Herrera through 108 measures to be submitted in the regional courts.

Ya tengo ganas, already, know the official arguments to make it attractive to live in our region. Above all, because such a decision is not adopted by Decree, as we have seen, although this is water, as on this occasion, with 3.2 billion taken from public coffers in the form of incentives for those new neighbours who dare to be so. But, really, is precisely such replacement of material human, so to speak? The prospective demographic indicates that the Spanish population will stagnate in the coming years and that it will concentrate on the coast, with the exception of Madrid. The data is irrefutable. (E) inevitable. Who think, then, that in similar scenario Castilla y Leon will be the only exception to the rule? Logical, therefore it is not invest our scarce resources in having more inhabitants, but in which the population lives better. That was the agrarian revolution in the United States, where its echoing current agricultural population lives now better than ever. We apply the lesson and elect to improve productivity face an impossible increase of underserved people in future.