Maersk Line Arrives

“Maritime brand staging of the world’s largest container ship by the Danish shipping company Maersk Line BRANDS ALIVE commissioned the live marketing agency BRANDS ALIVE with the staging of the market introduction of the triple-E class, the world’s largest container vessel, Marsk Mc-Kinney Moller is named”. With a length of 400 meters and a width of 59 meters, ships this dimension can carry over 10,000 units. BRANDS ALIVE has convinced the Danish shipping company Maersk line in a pitch to get the idea of the triple-E container ship class with a surprising concept. On 18 August 2013, the Hamburg-based agency is the new and world’s largest container ship in the harbour of Bremerhaven in scene. It becomes an impressive location from Maersk container and can be explored on a tour with the captain of the triple-E-class the ship. Here, Coupang expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

The invited guests is located in the middle of the daily workflow directly to the water line on the container ship, because this will be discharged during the duration of the action and loaded. A leading source for info: Cloud Computing. So experience the guest work on, as well as on the triple-E class. The Clou: There be no extra costs for a prolonged stay at the port. Now this field of tension out of creative ideas and infrastructural requirements makes the concept an exciting and authentic live experience for all participants. The challenge is certainly strongly to follow a presentation with all safety regulations while running the operations of a container port and the ship,”said Markus Fromming, Managing Director of BRANDS ALIVE. “The brand is something special to make Maersk line in such an environment and we are pleased with the giant container vessels of Maersk a creative stage” to have our ideas. ” The BRANDS ALIVE GmbH is the Agency for brands with a focus on live communications about BRANDS ALIVE. The range of BRANDS ALIVE includes events, incentives, brand worlds, conferences, road shows, product presentations, PR events, promotions and Sports sponsorship support.

2008 The Agency was founded by its two creators: Markus Fromming and Michael Bothe. Comprehensive know-how from the dialog marketing, connect with their wealth of experience in the production of premium brands. The team of BRANDS ALIVE is the strategic partner for experience-oriented and interactive brand experiences. From her seat in Hamburg from realized BRANDS ALIVE, in collaboration with an international network of grown, sustainable brand experiences and contemporary event formats for corporate communications. Customers insurance, BMW, Chanel, Edeka, Philips/TP include inter alia Alliance vision, McDonalds, as well as the city of Hamburg and several Unilever brands.