Mathematical Modeling

Vilma Candida Bueno Frederico Da Silva Kings This article makes analyzes of the education method Mathematical Modeling in classroom, from the study of Mini-Course that deals with the creation of a model that later will have to be applied in the resolution of problem that it originated. The important result of the mini-course was the enthusiasm of the participants when seeing the didactic potentialities that can be lived deeply in the education of the Mathematics with it assist of the Mathematical Modeling in the classrooms 6,4 Mathematical Modeling in the Classroom? Cerqueira Jonei Barbosa This article presents some theoretical ideas on Mathematical Modeling in the classroom. Giving to emphasis the partner-cultural aspects, relating modeling with the idea of problem by referring in the reality. Moreover, the author argues the integration of this environment of learning in the resume. 6,5 Mathematical modeling: a proposal of possible education in the Public School? Nzio Carminati Luiz the article to tell the experience of professors of State net of the Paran, participants of the Course of MM in classroom.

The analysis of this project of MM applied by professors of the State of the Paran takes the author to conclude that the use from the process of Mathematical Modeling in classroom it must suffer some alterations. 6,6 Mathematical modeling: what it is? Why? How? Cerqueira Jonei Barbosa This article, displays some theoretical ideas on Modeling in the perspective of the Mathematical Education. Using examples of classroom and placing emphasis on partner-cultural aspects, Modeling is related the problems by referring in the reality. The integration of Modeling in the pertaining to school resume also is argued. 6,7 Modeling in the Mathematical Education: contribution to the theoretical debate? Cerqueira Jonei Barbosa the article is story of the study of the theory Mathematical Modeling as method of study in classroom. The author to present in systemize way the sketch of the practical one of MM in classroom, with its limitations and perspectives.