Municipal Aquarium

Mendoza is known for its mild and pleasant climate. For this reason it is called the land of Sun and wine. The good wine of Mendoza never fails, but if the Sun decides to hide, Cuyo Province provides a number of interesting walks to replace outdoor excursions. Only in the city of Mendoza, the offer of cultural activities and excursions is as wide as sexy, so nobody is bored. Located in the park or higgins, very close to main accommodations Mendoza capital, the Municipal Aquarium is ideal for a fun ride with the kids. Founded in 1945, was the first aquarium in the country, and his plans were made on the basis of the famous Aquarium of Hamburg, Germany.

Then were there only exhibited freshwater fish donated by its first Director, Maria Simonov. Sea fish arrived at the aquarium in 1963, and later joined the permanent display of shells of snails (sector malacology). The Municipal Aquarium now houses 36 families of sea fish cold, tropical, freshwater, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles. But the undisputed star of the place is the marine turtle Jorge, who can cause a controversy on arriving at the Aquarium, in 1984. Environmentalists and conservation groups demanded at that then that will release it, but stayed for ever and today enjoys a 10000 litre water tank marine for him only. The cost of admission to the Aquarium is extremely economical, with discounts for children and students. Their breadth of schedules open all days from 9 to 19: 30 hs make it a walk forced vacation in Mendoza: each year is visited by over 50,000 people. At its origin, the Municipal Aquarium was intended as a center of study for future biologists.

The ultimate goal was the foster the growth of the fishing industry in the province, studying the possibilities of reproduction and adaptation of the various species of the fish fauna. Today, already forgotten the purpose original, will delight children and adults, tourists who visit Mendoza capital. If is It assumes that the tourist industry ended by having a growth and importance for the unthinkable province at the time of the creation of the Aquarium, the change of course does not result in any negative way. Jorge Alberto Guinazu holidays in Mendoza original author and source of the article