Natural Rose Oil

Seduce with rose oil and experience the fragrance of love… The incredible hospitality and the balanced and euphoric essence of the Turks in your Turkey holidays you noticed? No wonder, because Turkey is the second largest wine-growing area of Rosa damascena. The land of the rose, providing an atmospheric mood among the inhabitants. Produce a liter rose from the Queen of flowers, it takes up to five tons of flowers. Considerably much effort and work is carried out by the local organic farmers, because the rose is more and more popular.

The flowery, beguiling, sweet and feminine fragrance opens the heart for the vibrations of love. Robert Gibbins brings even more insight to the discussion. Supported by the energy of the heart rose lifts the spirits and sensual erotisierend effect. In times of stress and hustle and bustle is all too often very little space in the life of sensuality and eroticism. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert Gibbins. Aromatherapy can be very effective and help couples sexual problems again on the jumps. The scent of love is a mild aphrodisiac and rose in the fragrance lamp fears help 1-3 drops, drop and to find a partner to an intimate sensuality. The rose, the pride of the vegetable Kingdom, is associated with the heart. From there, the rose oil harmonizing affects the whole body.

Especially for women, it is a wonderful companion in almost all walks of life, because it promotes the confident acceptance and expression of own femininity. Rose oil stimulates the vital energy, soothes, regulated, heals emotional wounds, consoles, builds, compensates and warms the soul. Rose oil in skin care is especially valuable and popular because it is suitable for all skin types, by its high skin compatibility. It cleans, clarifies, stimulates, tones the skin and can help with blemishes and inflammation. Marvel at the miraculous properties of pure rose oil and experience the nature of joy and the joy of existence by fragrance culture with rose oil. Recipe Tip: “Aphrodite oil blend for sensual massage” 3 tr. Rose 4 tr. Jasmine oil 3 tr. Orange 8 tr. sandalwood oil… on 100 ml of base oil, such as jojoba oil give recipe Tip: ‘Body oil for itching in psoriasis’ 6 tr. rose Turkish 10% 10 tr. lavender oil fine 8 tr. benzoin Siam oil 4 tr. carrot seed oil… following base oils give 50 ml Aloe Vera 40 ml jojoba oil 10 ml rosehip