New Year

But the flavor is pleasant, unobtrusive "grass in pure form", "something very familiar about recalls extract some, perhaps, "" not clear what, but pleasant associations. " So how to apply the mask, pre-hooked her fingers, like not all, there was advice: "to draw better with a spoon" and "Keep away from the side of the bathroom." Try: "the application is simple and pleasant, even hands like a soft and greasy." Next best: "Good glides through your hair, does not stick." In general, the distribution problems did not exist. Despite the large package spend large portions mask does not make sense, only a small amount for full coverage of all hair and scalp. And the skin, as you understand, it is worth attention. The consistency of the mask allows you to do this without Labor and deformation of hair, that their loss is very important. This piece is a "moment absorbed into the skin. Roots, we give a very good, natural food.

" "Mask is washed off quickly, which I did not expect. Usually, all remedies washed off a long and tedious, they want to tank water, "and the mask and the" effect of the film leaves no oily. " Rate: "How wonderful mask really stopped falling in los, already has taken a global scale (Just made the chemistry) "! And it is not uncommon, almost all participants felt in varying degrees of strengthening the roots: "A little fall out – now ceased." "Hair is quickly respond to it after suffering stress. AND almost immediately gained a healthy look, "they now" look rested and "fed." It got ridiculous, "Friends suggested that I dyed her hair a lighter color, so they have turned out smooth and iridescent." We state: silky, shiny hair and a slight scratch. Those 5 – 7 minutes, which laid hold of the mask, not all arranged, "I would like to hurry," but because it is not always adhered to the time, but the result is still good. It is our conclusion means simply captivated our hearts – and beautiful hair no longer falls out.

But pleasantly, shaking somewhere its shining hair, be sure that no one with her hair will not fall down for nothing. Bravo! And more! "Design for 5!" "Kill a cure for hair loss," "When you stress the hair – it's what we need," "Surprised packaging. Manufacturers, of course, have tried. But the main thing – the hair does not fall. " That's all that our mask "Golden Silk" is written in this magazine. But the story did not end it. New Year's Eve in the company door knocked Santa Claus delivered the diploma! Awards are important for us, we are proud of them. But much more important to us Your love, dear customers. Thanks to all who are with us.