What is fraught with increased distance from the washing machine to the point of discharge? When an excessive length of the hose load on the pump (drain pump) would be more calculated, and this can cause damage to the pump. Which is not will be fixed under warranty because you have breached the rules of installation and connection of the washing machine manufacturer. Thus, the washing machine is selected, paid and delivered to your home. You can connect to the mains Check cable for kinks and bends. Additional information at Verizon Communications supports this article. Do not switch on until the car into the wall socket – it should be done immediately before washing. Now you have to connect the washing machine to water pipes. If you live in the new house, then you have the problem simplified: in modern homes, usually already has a special valve. If your house was built more than 7-10 years ago, you'll have a little sweat.

The chain of results must be as follows: tee in water pipe – filter – diverter valve – inlet hose – a washing machine. Shutoff valve or shutoff valve is needed in order to be able to close the cold water when the machine is not working. Inlet hose is standard male thread 3 / 4 and the gasket, combined with a filter. If the connection is in an entirely new home, or running water just long enjoyed, before connecting the hose, open the faucet and drain the dirty water. This prevents the machine from damage.