Regional President

The first question about the mess of boxes should be: who benefits these financial institutions? My response, cynical, I know, it is quite simple: the political class. They have well read: non-citizens, even to the depositors, less still to this so abstract called the region; But politicians. Who lend face a million euros to buy shares of a major infrastructure company and become the second investor with large capital gains? Neither you nor me, but yes to the President of any box, named, of course, by political parties. Who the payment of unpaid loans forgive? Neither you nor me, but yes to happy parties. Who have accumulated a party provincial Secretariat, the post of Deputy and counselor of any box? Neither you nor I, but some lucky political. We arrived in mergers or confusion. Are they necessary? Of course the merger, not the current confusions that boxes have reduced its net interest income, suffer more delinquencies, are charged for buildings and solar overvalued and refinancing has become more expensive. You have been together before, they would have diversified risks and would today have more financial muscle to deal with the crisis.

And jobs to do so, both the Bank of Spain and the experts recommended that the union be interregional: thus synergies would take advantage, would avoid duplication and, above all, sortearia use and political abuse of the respective regional governments. Paradoxically, in a State where there is no a central bank this different taifa Governments lies in Brussels crave having regional stools where settle their buttocks. As evidence, because they have put a former Regional President in front of Bancaja, they wanted to do the same in the BBK and can claim the same merger of Caja Duero and box Spain. Do you not? Because we still have to see much with-merger before finish this tortuous serial serials. You must necessarily return upon him.