Rental And Leasing Of Cars In Russia

In recent years, Russia has made great strides car rental services. Improving the conditions under which klientpriobretaet right to rent a car and truck fleet improves. When etomosnovnoy emphasis companies make the purchase of foreign cars in Europe iamerikanskogo production. And this is natural – if quite comparable tsenahmashiny domestic production only lose much by foreigners in longevity, and comfort, and fuel consumption. That is prineznachitelnom upping investments kompaniyapriobretaet machines able to live three to four times longer . Purchase of cars, the company offers its klientamarenduemye cars for lease. And the Russians prefer foreign cars to domestic and leasing in Basically, it is on foreign cars. In many cases, it is very convenient: to rent a brand new car, and a year later gradually pay money for it, and call polyubivshiysyaavtomobil their property. Although there are moments when the lease takes outputting not only "foreigners", but also domestic cars.