Secret Capital

Istanbul is the secret capital of Turkey for many tourists. We show you this city by city map and photos. Istanbul: European capital of culture 2010 Istanbul the Turkish megacity on the Bosphurus combines not only Europe and Asia, but also architectural and cultural highlights of the past and present. This itinerary from Combipix to give you a little insight in the vibrant Turkish megacity. Arrival to Istanbul! Istanbul has two airports.

In the European part of the main Ataturk Airport. Sabiha Gokcen airport is located in the Asian part. The latter was built for discharge purposes only, since the Ataturk Airport was completely overloaded since long. Ataturk > Istanbul Centre: Ataturk Airport is well connected to the city centre of Istanbul. Buses and various other transportation easily bring tourists to the city centre. Sabiha Gokcen airport > Istanbul Centre: this airport is unfortunately further outside. Travel agencies and some hotels offer tourists shuttle for outward and return trips in the Value of 45 55 euro.

Private operators take tourists for half of the price in the city centre and back. This private shuttle are not unfortunately by each hotel can be booked. To send an email with this question, several hotels worth but to get this service for the half. Public transport unfortunately not so good use the airport. Cheap but cumbersome, you come with the bus stop Levant\”S-Bahn must get there then several times in, until you arrive in E.g. Aksarai, where most of the hotels. Many questions, whether it is possible to Istanbul to a day to explore. You can see much that day, but it would take several days under normal circumstances, to get to know the city well. Nevertheless we demonstrate love to a day program you by the Combipix team, that you a day to main attractions brings. History of Istanbul the establishment of Istanbul goes back to Dorian Greeks, who founded a settlement to about 660 BC on the banks of the Bosphorus.