Stairclimber And Stair Pen

A Stairclimber for an indoor area and an outdoor use can suitable depending on the respective execution. A Stairclimber is similar to a stair climber, a flexible deployable stair climbing variant for wheelchair, he is sometimes also termed the staircase stitch. It even enables persons who are dependent on the wheelchair, to rise, which are not fitted with a platform lift and stair lift sales. A Stairclimber is a vehicle system, where a wheelchair is fixed. The wheelchair should not leave the wheelchair here.

Various products on the market are currently available. Generally, stair crawlers can be distinguished in two different variants: stair crawlers, whose operation is the companion needed and stair crawlers, which allow wheelchairs independently and without additional aid levels. Both types have in common, that no domestic measures for their use are necessary. There are also any permits for renovations in the staircase. This results in the advantage that the Stairclimber especially designed for use in multiple section homes is suitable if agree about the neighbors or the landlord not with structural changes in the common stairwell. It is also working wheelchair using the Stairclimber possible, easily or independently on career-related changes to react or to reach their workplace. The stairs of Caterpillar is driven normally by help of rechargeable batteries.

This allows you to use also in emergency situations or during a power outage. The highly legible display the wheelchair always informs a running charge state of the batteries that are recharged using a Chargers. A waist belt and non-slip grooves have equipped the bands of the Stairclimber ensure further monitoring. Only the non-slip and reliable bands the Stairclimber is a safe crossing of the levels possible. Size as well as models can weight the different stair crawlers to deviate from each other. So-called self propelled, so stair crawlers, which can be operated independently by the user, are usually not that difficult. They are mounted at a wheelchair and are fairly easy to carry the weight of approximately 55 kilograms. You even can used therefore at different stages. In addition, turning on a landing with such models is easy to master. Larger models, additional assistance needed is for their use, are equipped by an own ramp, as well as its own platform. The wheelchair moves on this transport platform. The auxiliary person directs the entire Stairclimber the stairs up or downstairs. Big stair crawlers are used mostly in the public sector. For sale a Stairclimber, make sure what pitch will overcome the respective model. The slope of 35 degrees is a normal indication. In Depending on the respective execution can acquire a Stairclimber for an indoor area and an outdoor use. Maria Santiago