The Contemporary

Cities, in the end, that is begins to lose the most wonderful well with which human beings are equipped with: communication. The problem of the city is not only a political problem, is a cultural and philosophical problem since it concerns the meaning of human life. That is the challenge, think about the construction of the contemporary city as a mechanism for the construction of the new citizen, of the same being that he understands that economic democracy is the component of political democracy; In short, a city that look for the purpose of the polis masterfully summarized by Sophocles: the city is the people. Earthquakes and their aftermath have formed over time, made from gravity to affect the population from the socio-economic point of view. Although being of natural phenomena, it is impossible to avoid them, knowledge of the physical factors that produce them will help prevent risks and your best attention, minimizing the loss of lives and economic resources. Physical vulnerability relates especially to the location of human settlements in areas at risk and to the differences in their structures to assimilate the effects of these risks (WILCHES: 1989: 21).

This thesis has relationship and direct with other areas of knowledge and its impact is expected in matters educational, scientific, theoretical, practical, political, social and economic. Experience in cases of earthquakes in big city, indicates that the catastrophe is directly proportional to the degree of enlistment to face and prevention function starts with the fulfilment of a number of requirements of a technical nature that can and should be improved to assess what is known and leverage available resources to develop such knowledge from the point of view of scientific research. Knowledgeable in the field ensure with founded reason that produce a strong earthquake in the capital of Colombia, facts influence definitely in development by socio-economic, not only in the affected region are of the whole country because it is the Center political and economic national.