Business Problems

And what is your own business? – Ask ignorant in Ternopil problem, people from other districts. Although such confident, a little, because for years about this waste did not hear that on Mars. Add to your understanding with bitcoiin. Press, radio and television Only about it and talk. And what has been done to address the problem? Nothing. We tell stories that the garbage problem is acute throughout the country, maybe, but not uncontrolled. At least never heard of such outrages, as in regional center. Each month, helpless ternopolchanam tell stories on tv about some sorting lines, the new site for the storage of garbage. But so what holds and what conclusion follows from this tragicomic story? It's very simple: to me, as an ordinary pensioner care what he thinks an official of any rank on a particular issue.

Power, we elected to it to solve these problems. Gain insight and clarity with Carissa Barry. Today, some nods to the other, but when there were elections, none of them are recommended to choose a head of another, and not myself, my family. All applicants, including current mayor Roman Zastavnyi, beat his chest and promised us that we will swim in the rivers of milk milk and honey. Do not see that 'prosperity'. Therefore, my advice to our powers that be this: do not know how to solve problems, to resign. In the position, be sure others will come, who, besides transporting themselves in luxury cars, will also take care of people. Another sincere advice (and I say this as a native sons): do not pop their squeaks to the camera, it does not do you honor. Understand that this is unethical, incorrect, especially in cases when your eloquent promises with deeds.


Animal, wandering around town in the district of Warsaw highway, lay down to rest on the lawn. Because of darkness, capture the animal was postponed until morning. And Thursday in an apple orchard in Moscow ring road was caught female deer, which was originally adopted for the elk. After zoologists failed to catch the animal, immobilize it with sleeping pills and transported to the center of overexposure, vets began to impose a set of stitches on lacerations and bite marks on his face, legs, neck, abdomen female deer. According to zoologists, the female deer apparently attacked by a whole flock of stray dogs.

In search of salvation, and the animal came to city Ukraine is preparing a lawsuit Russia of the pollution of the Kerch Strait Ukraine intends to collect more than $ 1 billion from the Russian ship-owners as compensation for losses suffered by the Republic because of contamination waters and the coast of the Kerch Strait oil trapped in the water after a series of shipwrecks on Nov. 11, 2007. Russia has not yet received a claim of Ukraine for damages. As stated Deputy Mitvol, his agency is ready to provide legal assistance to Ukraine for damages caused by an accident in Kerch Strait. However, according to a politician suing the Russian Federation by Ukraine – this is just pr, because in Russian trials already underway in the case, and recoveries should be made not with Russia, but with 'Volgotanker'. And since this company declared bankrupt, the funds must be recovered from the insurance company. Mitvol offered his assistance to the Ukrainian side to this process.