Asia Experiences

THE HUMAN DRIFT BUILD A LANDSCAPE FOR EACH TIME LIVED Drift Definition: Mode of experimental behavior linked to the conditions of urban society. It is also used specifically to designate the duration of one continuous year of experience. Among the various procedures Situationists, drift is presented as a technique of uninterrupted passage through diverse environments. a The concept of drift is inextricably linked to the recognition of effects of psychogeographical nature, and the affirmation of a playful-constructive behavior, which precludes in all respects to the classical notions of travel and sightseeing. Guy E.

Debord . The tour has rescued the concept from my memory adolescent experiences that, throughout the text, are transformed into literature, architecture, sociology, philosophy, subjectivity, individuality, ultimately, experiences. Accordingly, and reflecting that experience, I will try to make the way in my mind then I idealized, lived or became a chapter of my own literature lost in the a esto not importanciaa . Surprised (since my knowledge of it was null and now rare) I know that people like Foucault, Sennett, Certeau, Walter Benjamin and many others reflect feelings and experiences that connect in some way with a psychology student, then an administrative employee Catalan transport company, now defunct a: a Mateu & Mateu, which in Europe was known by the nickname of a fiebre amarillaa , a "the canvas that covered their vehicles were yellow – had a fleet that ran not only Europe but Asia and Africa. a There began my dream of seeing, travel and be trucking.